Morning Brew – Wednesday, Nov. 16: Tegan and Sara interrogate Clea DuVall, Gemma Atkinson on kissing girls in movies


Hello! Have you all recovered from Glee?

Well here’s a look at next week’s episode, “I Kissed a Girl.” Looks like Santana and Brittany don’t have the market cornered on making out with other girls!

Uganda rugby player and journalist Lilian Ikulmet has been granted asylum in Germany. The out lesbian was “raped, beaten and discriminated against” in Uganda and Pink News reports she is applying for a Visa so she can marry her girlfriend. Thank you Germans!

Out filmmaker Kristina Lapinski is working on a documentary called GAY U.S.A., The Movie and attended the Granite State Patriots Liberty PAC candidates forum in New Hampshire this week, where she debated Rick Santorum on gay marriage. The Advocate detailed the exchange, in which the Republican candidate told Kristina it’s her “choice” to marry a man or a woman — and one decision is wrong. Here’s the trailer for her film.


One of the reasons I was psyched on Fox’s new show Alcatraz is because out TV writer Elizabeth Sarnoff was at its helm. And, dang it, she’s stepped down from her position as showrunner and producer.

Actress Gemma Atkinson got hot and heavy with Jaime Winstone in Boogie Woogie, which she was asked about by Metro this week.

To be honest it was fine; it was shot really tastefully. Jaime and I were friends before we did it. I think if it’s necessary in the script then you know what you’re taking on in a film before you sign on to do it. I have been offered in other films, where it has been required but I’ve said no to it because I didn’t think it was necessary in the script. I think until you sit down and read the script then you don’t really know what you are and aren’t prepared to do.

Good on you, Gemma. I hate when writers say “And then we’ll put a lesbian kiss in right here, just to spice things up a bit” and it’s a movie about the apocalypse. Or like that scene in Piranha 3-D — I’m probably the only one who saw that.

Here’s a pic of Tegan and Sara from their Get Along screening in Los Angeles last night.

And here’s a video they made with Clea Duvall.


If you enjoyed the first episode of Here Come the Brides that I posted yesterday, you’ll want to watch Part 2!

Michelle Tea wants get knocked up and she wrote all about it for xoJane.

Did you know that Chely Wright has faced backlash from the country music community since coming out? Oh, you did? OK, well you can hear her talking about it again on The Joy Behar Show.

UK columnist Kerry Katona wrote that she is inspired by Jessie J.

Jessie J has spoken out about being bisexual, which is really admirable because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. So what if she likes men and women? I wish I was like that, at least you’ve got more choice! It’s hard not to love a beautiful woman and go, wow, she’s amazing. I’ve kissed girls but I’ve never had sex with one, so I can’t knock it until I’ve tried it. My mum is bisexual but it must have skipped a generation with me. I’m not attracted to women that way, I like to feel protected by a man. I’m a tomboy anyway so I’d probably wear the trousers if I was into women, but I couldn’t imagine being held by a woman sexually. I’ve had kisses and cuddles off women and when I’ve been drunk I’ve seen women and thought, you’re fit! I’m attracted to women, everyone is, but I’ve never slept with one… yet!

She’s talking about who would wear the trousers in the relationship? Definitely straight.

Rosie O’Donnell‘s appearance on Web Therapy is now available to watch on L Studio.


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