Morning Brew – Thursday, Nov. 10: A clip from Tegan and Sara’s “Get Along” DVD, Jodi Picoult will keep putting lesbians in books


Did anyone watch Sarah Paulson on American Horror Story last night? She looked gorgeous! Also, I love that her character is named Billy.

A psychology PhD student at UWE Bristol, Rebecca Jones, is doing a study on how eating disorders affect lesbian and bisexual women, inspired by her own experience. Jones says of her research:

Analysing interviews with a small number of self-identified lesbian women with a history of anorexia and/or bulimia indicates that many of the ways in which these women described their eating disorders were similar to those identified in research with girls and women assumed to be heterosexual – such as a search for identity, an exertion of self-control, and a pursuit of feminine beauty.

The details of the study will be published in Psychology and Sexuality.

Sing You Home author Jodi Picoult says that she plans on including many more gay and lesbian characters in her novels from now on, including a major gay male character in her next book, Lone Wolf. If you haven’t read Sing You Home yet, I highly recommend you put it next on your list.

If you want some major Corrie spoilers, then you should check this out. If you don’t want to know diddley, then don’t click that link!

Tegan and Sara‘s new DVD/CD set, Get Along, comes out Nov. 15, but they’ve released a clip from the DVD for you. Check out their performance of “Back in Your Head.”


The new issue of Gay Parent Magazine has a military mom on its cover. I’ll bet she makes for an interesting interview!

Evan Rachel Wood is not engaged. She just wears a really huge diamond ring.

New York Magazine thinks Glee‘s biggest problem is Sue Sylvester. Agree? Disagree?

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