Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Jennifer O’Connor, Bohéme, Vive La Fête and more


Happy hump day my friends! If any of you darling readers are from Chicago and don’t have plans tonight, I’ll be attending the Daphne Willis and Antigone Rising show at Martyrs. The night is dedicated to remembering the life of Christine Santiago, a woman whom I had only met a few times but whose life touched so many others. She was an activist for our community and was cherished by everyone who knew her. Come for the music and if you see a short lesbian wearing a hoodie, Walgreens stocking cap and is wearing glasses — it could probably be anyone, but it might be me so say hello.

Jennifer O’Connor

File Under: Indie singer/songwriter making me crave some of the great angsty lady rock from the mid-to-late ’90s

From: I’m going to say New York but I can’t seem to find where she actually came out of her mother’s womb. I’m sure you’re all heartbroken.

For Fans of: Poe, Sheryl Crow’s “Am I Getting Through”, Hole, Tanya Donelly, using inner turmoil to spark creativity, Toaster Strudels, preferring your nail polish to be chipped, board games at bars, Conor Oberst.

Bonus: I had a brain melt yesterday and forgot to include Jennifer’s great new album, I Want What You Want, in yesterday’s column! Not only was she celebrating the release but it was also her birthday. So Jennifer, if you happen to be reading this, happy belated birthday and congrats on a great introspective album to add to my collection. She was nice enough to post a stream of the entire album over at her Soundcloud page and she’s posted her hand-written lyrics over on her website.

Swan Song (for Bella) by Jennifer O’Connor


File Under: Indie pop rock with some elements of pop punk

From: I believe they’re taking over London as I type this

For Fans of: Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, The Pack A.D., cutting your own hair when you’re bored, tiny but packed rock clubs, Bloc Party, The Decemberists, pints of beer no matter what kind you’re drinking, casual vests, Irish jigs.

Bonus: Well, I originally tried to find another band called “Boy” who was recommended to me by AfterEllen reader Lubaboom, but I am having a very hard time tracking them down. The good news is, I found these rad ladies and I am totally a new fan! They’re giving away a free download of their jam “To The Sea,” so enjoy!

Eyes Wide by weareboyuk

Crys Matthews

File Under: Folky soul and roots

From: North Carolina

For Fans of: Melissa Ferrick’s Everything I Need album, Doria Roberts, Bitch, Toshi Reagon, coffee shops during the day, womyn’s music festivals, long flowing skirts, Nora Ephron novels and secretly her films too, Ethiopian restaurants.

Bonus: I love her cover of Prince’sKiss.” She totally folked it out but kept the sexy. And, extra bonus, she’s a member of our team!

Vive La Fête

File Under: Prêt-à-Porter electropop in a language I cannot understand but still love.

From: Belgium

For Fans of: Brazilian Girls, Stereo Total, Marsheaux, colonics (only half-kidding), FM Belfast, high fashion, preferring Bellinis as a brunch cocktail over bloody Marys, Santogold, sex and a lot of it — but it doesn’t have to be meaningful or meaningful sex with role playing, expensive cars, Metric.

Bonus: Thanks to AfterEllen reader Nicole, I was reminded of the duo’s existence. I find it oddly humorous that legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld loves this band so much and considers himself their number one fan. I can understand why though, this would make for some pretty great runway music.

Vive la fete : la verite by elsargh


File Under: Former member of Antigone Rising goes solo and combines rock with some sultry soul and pop-blues.

From: New Jersey

For Fans of: Taylor Dayne, Joss Stone, yet another Sheryl Crow mention (it has to be due to my recent love fest with The Globe Sessions), Anastacia, cowboy boots, optimism, Ally McBeal and Vonda Shepard but as separate entities, breakfast for dinner, wearing lots of accessories at once.

Bonus: Not only is she gorgeous, but I absolutely love that she included her little dog in her press photos. I love its face in the picture above. it kind of looks like it’s smiling awkwardly for a school picture.

I can’t seem to find a Soundcloud song to embed but you can check out some of her upcoming songs at her website

That’s all for this week but I’ll be back with some more recommendations soon! As always, feel free to send me a private message with your suggestions, follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook!

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