Morning Brew – Wednesday, Nov. 9: Mia Wasikowska on being courted by Glenn Close, Annie Leibovitz on Letterman


Hi Hump Day-ers!

One of Rihanna‘s favorite pastimes is going on vacation with girl friends and taking lesbianish pictures with them. She’s done it again, although this one is a little more of a joke than some of the more, uh, intimate ones we’ve seen before.

Mia Wasikowska is the object of Glenn Close‘s affection in Albert Nobbs. She talked with IndieWire about the film.

It’s very much about finding someone to survive with. Everyone’s kind of chasing the next person that’s running away from them. … It was something I hadn’t played before, so that was the attraction and the fear.

Alison Bechdel‘s new book, Are You My Mother, is coming out May 12. It’s super far away, but you can pre-order today!

Anyone But Me producer Tina Cesa Ward has a new web series debuting Nov. 15. It’s called Good People in Love and features an ensemble cast including Rachael Hip-Flores and Renee Olbert (Seeking Simone). The premise:

Set on the day New York passes equal marriage bill, Good People in Love is a drama that examines the weight of marriage and love from two points of view.

A dinner party to celebrate an engagement turns into a night of manipulation, dissection and revelation when the story’s narrators, Scott and Sarah set out to prove their distinct points of view on love using the party’s two couples as unwitting examples opening up a pandora’s box of trouble for everyone.

Check out the trailer and then make sure to watch the first episode when we premiere it Nov. 15.


Syd Tha Kid says that her video, “Cocaine,” was meant to be a warning sign that drugs are bad. The out performer wrote on her Tumblr:

If you insist on giving in to temptation, understand that it only takes one taste of certain substances to get hooked and lead to you wasting the rest of your life chasing a high you’ll never reach again. You are human, so never think it could never happen to you. Saying no is WAY worth it.

Do you like the video any more now? I don’t think I do.

Legendary out photographer Annie Leibovitz was on The Late Show with David Letterman last night. Here’s part of her interview, in which she talks about some of her famous shots.


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