New Music Tuesday: 11-8-2011


It is yucky, gross and raining here in Chicago and it’s probably perfect for the David Lynch album being released today but I won’t be listening to that because I can’t seem to stop listening to Lana Del Rey’s song, “Blue Jeans,” on repeat. Most of the lyrics aren’t even that great but when it gets to the chorus I’m all, “Oooh my heart! What are these feelings and what am I going to do with all of them!” I will take a break from that though and tell you about some of today’s new releases.

The JezabelsPrisoner (Mom + Pop)

The top spot this week goes to a four-piece from Australia whose music I’ve come to know and love only recently. The fifteen indie-rocking songs on this album are packed with emotion in a bizarrely subtle but overwhelming way. There aren’t many artists who can bring something as complex as this sound is to the table and pull it off without being cheesy. Listen to the album over at Spinner. Pretty soon “Peace of Mind” may take the place of “Blue Jeans” in my musical black hole. Of course, I mean that in the best way possible.

Meshell NdegeocelloWeather (naive)

Ndegeocello’s great new release perfectly coincides with the gray skies and growing puddles inhabiting my town today. This is not a “pretty” album. The songs keep their grittiness and Meshell’s voice keeps its deep rasp, which is exactly how these words needed to be sung.

02 Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than by NaxosUSA

Camille BloomNever Out of Time (self-released)

Out singer/songwriter Camille Bloom is back and rocking out with another 11 songs ready for your downloading pleasure. For those of you unfamiliar with the Seattle-native, if you’re a fan of artists like Melissa Ferrick and Sarah Bettens, odds are you’ll enjoy Bloom’s sound.

Camille Bloom- Running Out Of Time by MMMusic

Chelsea Lee18 And Alive (Atlantic Recording Company)

I’m not sure if Chelsea is known for being a pop-country singer or just a pop-singer whose songs are filled with sunshine and aren’t over-produced. Either way, this is definitely an album worthy of a listen for those of you need of something warm and undamaged from the bitterness age sometimes brings. And yes, the fact that I just sounded old and bitter did not escape me.

Caithlin De MarraisRed Coats (End Up Records)

The former Rainer Maria bassist/singer has put out an album I would deem worthy of being called “Indie Tunes For Mommy & Me: For Parents Who Want Their Kids to Appreciate Good Music Without Turning Into Those Whores From Kidz Bop.” Maybe I’m reading into things but Caithlin wrote and recorded this album in whatever spare time she had while her new baby was napping. It’s taken me me a couple of listens but right now I’m kind of loving this super hard.

Summer CampWelcome to Condale (Moshi Moshi)

Admittedly, I wish the male/female duo would have released this album in the summertime when I was extra gung-ho about New-Wavey electropop. Thankfully, I’m still breathing and able to enjoy these jams even if they don’t suit my mood today. You know what else? Even if these Brits had no other great redeeming qualities, I would give them at least ten kisses in the Pop Culture love department for naming one of their songs “Brian Krakow.” Listen to the entire album over at Spinner!

Honorable Mentions: David Lynch, Chris Connelly, Jonathan Coulton, The Bees, Rascal Flatts, Gold Panda, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Il Divo, Kaskade, The Dear and Departed, Cass McCombs, The Wanted, Pac Div, Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood and Mac Miller.

That’s all for this week but feel free to catch me on Twitter and Facebook!

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