Morning Brew – Thursday, Oct. 27: Lisa Leslie shuts down WNBA lesbian rumors, Ellen poses with a pumpkin for “Parade”


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Kelly Clarkson was on The View discussing how she thinks rumors about her sexuality exist because she hasn’t ever been in love.

Out pop star Will Young doesn’t like Rihanna‘s music video for “Te Amo.” He told TV host Jo Whiley:

I’m a bit of a feminist and I think what Rihanna represents is not necessarily the best thing. She’s overtly sexual. And it’s so, “I’m an object and oh there’s another women in my video, are we lesbians, I’m not sure!” It’s so disparaging towards women. Everyone plays the game, but it’s not good enough. It’s not empowering.

Fair enough, Will. But I think that Ri Ri owns her sexuality and it’s not strictly dickly, if you catch my drift.

There are rumors going around that lesbian X-Factor UK contestant Sami hooked up with another male contestant, Derry, while they were both on the show. (Sami has since been kicked off.) Hopefully, for Sami’s girlfriend’s sake, it’s not true.

SheWired pointed out this video in which Lisa Leslie is upset that TMZ has false calculations about the lesbian percentage in the WNBA. She says the percentage is more like “70/30.”

I’m curious how you will feel about this post over at xoJane called “Oh, By the Way, I Used to be a lesbian.” An excerpt:

My lesbian phase was also a way for me to rebel, to explicitly mark myself as what everyone around me had already noticed I was — different. In fact, “gay” and “different” were practically synonymous terms in my [sic] high scool — the second you put on combat boots or black lipstick or in any other way broke the extremely rigid contract of normal appearance and behavior, you were as likely to be called a “dyke” as a “freak.”

There are parts of this I think you might understand, and others that will make you shake your head. I completely get it.

Ellen DeGeneres is on the cover of this week’s Parade and inside she talks about coming out. Ellen said:

If anything, it was a shock to me. I’d always known that I had crushes on girls, but I also liked boys-though I wasn’t drawn to them romantically. For me to get in touch with myself enough to recognize that I was gay, and then not to stay private about it, was a huge step.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video from the mag’s shoot.

The only thing I have to say about this Girl With the Dragon Tattoo inspired clothing line H&M is doing is that it’s going to be even more difficult to answer the question “hipster or lesbian”?

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