Morning Brew – Wednesday, Oct. 26: Rosie forgives Tracy Morgan, Lissy Trullie was once a gyno for Halloween



So this is the best thing I’ve heard in forever. Out musician Lissy Trullie said she was once a gynecologist for Halloween. She told Paper:

I think I still have the lab coat that says “Dr. Howie Von Felthersnatch.”

Awesome. She also said her new album is going to be different from her first (Self Taught Learner) and that it’s going to have more “texture.”

Tracy Morgan was on The Rosie Show this week and Rosie told him she knows he’s not homophobic, despite his statements earlier this year that he’d kill his son if he were gay. In this clip, Rosie forgives Tracy.

I don’t know, Ro. I mean, he said he doesn’t want to “hurt anyone with the mic,” but he said something pretty ridiculous. It might take me some time!

Rosie will be part of Cyndi Lauper‘s Home for the Holidays benefit for her True Colors Fund in New York on Dec. 4. Also involved are Wanda Sykes, Norah Jones, Amy Lee, Chely Wright and Vanessa Carlton. Seems pretty star-studded.

Shonda Rhimes Tweeted that you’ll probably never see her characters naked, even when they’re in bed together, because the actors get to choose what they wear in the scenes. She said she doesn’t care if they want to wear “a turtleneck and parka” or “pasties and a thong,” it’s all OK with her.

Check out the teaser for this new short film called Track Meet. It’s a “girl-meets-girl” love story from out director Leslie Kwon and she has a Kickstarter going to get it funded.

The Rum Diary premiered in New York last night and co-stars Amber Heard and Johnny Depp walked the red carpet together.

Tila Tequila said she would love to box Lindsay Lohan, telling Radar:

Two Hollywood bad girls — can’t go wrong with that one! Then we can kiss and make up or make-out afterwards.

Palm, meet my face.

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