Morning Brew – Friday, Oct. 21: “American Horror Story” is getting a lesbian, Rachel Maddow on “The Ellen Show”


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Does anyone watch American Horror Story? I do and I love it. I’m so psyched that they are bringing a lesbian character to the show. Kathleen Rose Perkins will play the “supportive lesbian best friend” to Zachary Quinto‘s gay interior designer character. Lesbians, always the supporting character. Now if she hooks up with the young version of Moira, I’ll die happy.

In this clip from Coronation Street, Sophie tries to deflect a come on from a bartender before Amber swoops in to save the day.

Amber is adorable and self-assured. I think she’ll be good for Sophie!

Out jazz singer Clare Teal received two huge musical awards in London this week. She was given the prestigious Gold Badge Award and The Arts and Entertainment Award from Yorkshire Arts and Entertainments. Clare Teal is having the best week ever!

Look how gorge our girl Kirsten Vangsness is on the cover of Curve. She’s so fierce.

NPR talked with Girl in a Coma about singing en Espanol. Since they aren’t fluent Spanish speakers, though, singer Nina Diaz says it can be difficult to communicate in interviews.

It’s hard enough as it is, being an all-girl band, two-thirds gay, all Latinas. Whenever they ask us a question in Spanish, all of us are like, “Can you repeat it again in English?” I admit that it’s a little embarrassing. I want to be able to stand up and say, “I am Latina and I know what you’re saying and I’m going to answer you back.”

So they’re working on it!

It looks like Amber Heard is wearing my Wednesday Addams Halloween costume in this photo from T magazine. Does this mean I can wear it as part of an everyday look?

For those of you who missed out on Rachel Maddow‘s appearance on The Ellen Show yesterday, you are really missing out on Rachel dancing in her seat. But here is a clip from the interview where Rachel talks about the hate mail she receives.

Dear haters, stop sending Rachel hate mail or I will hunt you down and kill you with kindness.

Tegan and Sara announced yesterday they will be in attendance at big screen showings of their new DVD Get Along for Q&As in select cities. So if you’re in Austin, L.A., New York, Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco or Calgary, it’s your lucky day!

Musician Caroline Murphy (and Heather Matarazzo‘s fiance) wrote a blog about her relationship with God for The Huffington Post. An excerpt:

And so I am forever grateful that I am gay. Truly. For one, my partner is gay, and so that works out great. She’s my soul mate, my wife. Marriage or not, that’s what God told me. But as wonderful as our relationship is, the reason I am truly grateful for being gay is that it forced me to put the books down and talk to God directly.

Out director Robyn Dettman directed the music video for Johnny Hi Fi‘s single, “Politician.” Thanks to reader Renee for sending the tip!

Today in Lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, *RuPaul’s Drag U (Logo 12 p.m.), One Night Stand Up (Logo 1 p.m.), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), Margaret Cho: Beautiful (Logo 3 p.m.), *Ghost Whisperer (We 4 p.m.), *JAG (HDNet 6 p.m.), The Rosie Show (OWN 7 p.m.), The Best Thing I Ever Ate (Food Network 7:30 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.), Rachel Maddow on Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO 10 p.m.), *Six Feet Under (HBO Signature 11 p.m.) and *Friends (Nick 12:30 a.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

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