Morning Brew – Thursday, Oct. 20: Jessica Capshaw talks lack of Calzona sex scenes, Brandi Carlile’s favorite love songs


It’s Spirit Day! Are you wearing purple to take a stand against bullying? Sara Gilbert is.

Ellen DeGeneres will also be wearing a purple tie and talking about the nationally recognized day on her show today. Also Rachel Maddow is her guest. Excuse me while I contain my excitement!

And I’m back. In an interview with The Windy City Times, The SoundsMaja Ivarsson talks about her ex-girlfriend.

I have only had one girlfriend in my whole life. We are not together anymore. I don’t think I will date another girl. At the same time, when I met her I totally fell in love with her. We had a great relationship but it ended really badly.

I think with many lesbian relationships there is a curse where you become best friends more than lovers. That is what happened with us. We are not in the sexual relationship anymore. We had more of a friendship. If I meet someone and fall in love with them then I am going date them no matter what the gender. If I fall in love with someone then I am going to go for it. I can honestly say I am leaning more towards boys than women. But that girl was so beautiful. Anybody would have fallen in love with her. She was like a Brigitte Bardot and stunning.

Lean all you want, girl, but as Justin Bieber says, “Never say never.”

Vedette Lim, aka Tara’s girlfriend on True Blood, is joining the cast of Grey’s Anatomy and Arizona is going to “take a liking to her.” Now this probably means professionally, but if Dr. Polly Preston is another gay at Seattle Grace, I certainly won’t mind.

Speaking of Arizona, Jessica Capshaw talked with TVLine about the new season, including why the straight couples have some really sexy scenes while Calzona haven’t since that showertime.

See, I totally understand that, except that as the person playing one part of that couple, there are all different kinds of characters. There are all kinds of sexualities. There are all kinds of ways that people express their sexuality. I know couples who would do it on the kitchen floor all day long, and I know couples who wouldn’t do it on the kitchen floor even once. It’s the apples-to-oranges argument. I like to think that [Sara Ramirez and I] are creating as authentic a relationship as we possibly can, and I don’t think that we are being mired down by, “How many times did we kiss in that last episode? Did we kiss authentically enough? Was it as hot-and-steamy as Cristina and Owen?” That’s not something we’re aware of as we’re doing it, because we’re creating a story that is individual to our characters.

Out actress Heather Matarazzo penned a piece on struggling with sexuality and religion for The Huffington Post. She quotes Oprah, which I fully support.

Want to play a Kreayshawn video game? You’re in luck!

Did you know you can own Dianna Agron‘s LIKES GIRLS T-shirt? OK, not the one she wore, but still.

If you want a romantic playlist, Brandi Carlile has you covered. She picked her favorite love songs for Tiffany & Co. and, damn, she has good taste.

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