Afternoon Delight: Kristen Stewart to get hands dirty at Grauman’s, Reese Witherspoon wants to make out with Jennifer Aniston


Good afternoon everyone.

Happy birthday to N.Y. Scene columnist Grace Chu!

Reminder tonight’s Spike TV’s 2011 Scream Awards will feature the cast of Black Swan and actress Lena Headey (Game of Thrones, Imagine Me & You). Tune in at 9 p.m. and try not to scream.

Congratulations to The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, who will leave their hand and footprints in the cement at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. The ceremony will be held on November 3, but if you can’t make it to the event you can watch the ceremony live at at 10 a.m. PDT.

LGBT ally Sarah Silverman will guest star on FX’s The League. Silverman will play Andre’s (Paul Scheer) sister on the show’s Thanksgiving episode.

At Elle‘s 18th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute, Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon presented an award to actress Jennifer Aniston. Back in 1999, Witherspoon guest starred on NBC’s Friends as Aniston’s sister and they have been friends ever since.

At the event Witherspoon raved about Aniston, “There are not that many people actually who have this incredible combination of sex appeal and complete lovability. You just want to get your nails done with her and you want to make out with her — at least I do. And that’s what we do sometimes on Saturdays. First we get our nails done — so cute! — and then we make out. It’s totally awesome.” I concur. Making out with women is totally awesome. (P.S. Reese’s thumbnail scares me.)

Did you know that Scarlett Johansson was up for the role of Lisbeth Salanders in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? Director David Fincher revealed to Vogue that Johansson was too sexy to play Salander in his remake.

Said Fincher, “Scarlett Johansson was great. It was a great audition, I’m telling you. But the thing with Scarlett is, you can’t wait for her to take her clothes off. Salander should be like E.T. If you put E.T. dolls out before anyone had seen the movie, they would say, ‘What is this little squishy thing?’ Well, you know what? When he hides under the table and he grabs the Reese’s Pieces, you love him! It has to be like that.” So Rooney Mara is E.T.? I think I need to re-watch E.T. and look for the resemblance.

On November 6, Lady Gaga and Jessie J will be performing at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Northern Ireland. The annual ceremony will be taking over the city of Belfast and for the first time the MTV Europe Music Awards will be held in three different locations. Gaga and Jessie J will be performing at the Odyssey Arena. Gaga leads the way with six MTV Europe music award nominations.

Director Linda Hallinan needs your help! Hallinan has created a 60-second trailer for her upcoming lesbian webseries Ripper (an Edwardian period drama featuring a Sherlock Holmes-esque female protagonist and her female lover) and is looking to acquire as many views and votes as possible to win the MovieExtrafest. The winner will get their trailer made into a webseries. To watch the trailer and vote for Ripper, head over to the MovieExtra webfest Facebook page.

On Thursday, October 20 make sure to wear the color purple in honor of Spirit Day! Spirit Day was created in support of the gay youth to help them stand up against bullying. Supporters and purple-wearers include The Kids Are All Right’s Julianne Moore, Chaz Bono, Mia Farrow, Ricky Martin, Jamie Pressley and many more. Numerous organizations are also joining the anti-bullying bandwagon including GLSEN, HRC, Facebook, Viacom, Delta, PepsiCo, Goldman Sachs, Yahoo!, American Airlines and AT&T. MTV will be turning their on-air logo purple while Seventeen magazine will be changing its Twitter photo to the color purple to show their support.

In the summer of 2003 Grey’s Anatomy’s Sara Ramirez guest-starred on the popular daytime soap opera As The World Turns. Ramirez played Hannah, a friend to Jack and Carly (played by Emmy winners Michael Park and Maura West) and officiated their on screen wedding in Montana. (Hannah was also Carly’s midwife but Jack ended up delivering their baby, Sage, instead.) During an interview with We Love Soaps, Ramirez dished, “It was my honor to get to be a part of Jack and Carly’s story. Not only was the storyline a heartwarming and emotional one but the cast and crew were a welcoming family and a privilege to temporarily be a part of.” The wedding episode is one of the 20 included in the four-disc DVD set that is now on sale at

Yesterday out musician Sia was dogsitting for VJ Ruby Rose’s pooch, also named Sia.

Lesbian/Bi Photo of the Day

Former President Bill Clinton posed with Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi before the “A Decade of Difference” concert in Los Angeles this week. Then he posted the photo on his Facebook page.

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