Morning Brew – Wednesday, October 12: Kristen Stewart could be playing a lesbian, Wanda Sykes and Rosie on always wanting kids


Happy Hump Day!

Tonight on NBC, Harry’s Law will be doing an episode about a girl who was outed by a classmate and then killed herself. Here’s a preview.

Kathy Bates has to defend this broad? Wow, she doesn’t even look sorry.

If you loved The Anne Lister Diaries film, now you can read the diaries it was based on. The site History to Herstory has them for you, as well as a lot of other really cool stuff, especially if you’re an Anglophile.

Sacha Parkinson and Brooke Vincent are filming their final Coronation Street scenes together this week, which means we’ll be seeing them within the next year, hopefully. This saga is neverending!

Wanda Sykes was on The Rosie Show last night and my favorite part was when the two out comedians discussed how they always knew they wanted to have kids.

When Rosie was on The Howard Stern Show this week, she revealed she’s already been discussing wedding plans with GF Michelle Rounds. Too fast? Hell no, Ro says.

Come on ! I’m 49 and I’m gay.

Howard should have enough experience with lesbians to know about the U-Haul rule — except maybe Rosie is the only real lesbian he’s come in contact with.

How cool are these Self Evident Truth T-shirts? Do you want a Tegan Quin? How about a JD Samson or Coco Rosie?

Bisexual New Zealand TV star Alison Mau will be hosting the Gay Auckland Business Association (GABA) charity auction in Auckland next month. You may remember she came out last year as bisexual and has a GF. She says she’s “delighted” to host the event.

Are you ready to be really excited over a rumor? Kristen Stewart is apparently in talks to play a lesbian character in the film adaptation of Galt Nierderhoffer‘s novel, A Taxonomy of Barnacles. Kristen is rumored to be thinking of taking the role of Beth Barnacle, “a pot-smoking purple-haired lesbian who suffers the defeat of unrequited love.” Obviously I’d like for this to happen and now I have another book to read.

Amber Heard looked gorgeous as usual at a Giorgio Armani/Vanity Fair party thrown this week. My invite must have gotten lost in the mail.

Today in Lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), The Rosie Show (OWN 7 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.), Harry’s Law (NBC 9 p.m.), America’s Next Top Model (CW 9 p.m.), The Real World (MTV 10 p.m.), *Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO Comedy 10 p.m.), Black Swan (5MAX 10:45 p.m.), Evan Rachel Wood on Chelsea Lately (E! 11 p.m.) , The Real World Aftershow (MTV 11 p.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

*Denotes a rerun

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