Morning Brew – Monday, October 10: Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston aren’t dating, a budding lesbian on “Tierra de Lobos”


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Did you know Warehouse 13 is going to have a Christmas episode? This preview doesn’t show much of the ladies we’d like to see, but still!

I’m really into this trend Evan Rachel Wood has going on. It’s hats with button-ups and — I guess the point of this video is “famine.”

i09 wrote a piece on the first ever lesbian science fiction novel published in 1906. Gregory Casparian‘s The Anglo-American Alliance: A Serio-Comic Romance and Forecast of the Future followed the romance of two girls who met at Diana Young Ladies’ Seminary in Cornwall. You might want to read this.

Someone asked E! if Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are secretly dating, and apparently the answer is no. What if they secretly were though? Wouldn’t that blow the minds of so many people?

Amanda Knox is back home in Seattle, but the stories of her time in the Italian jail keep on coming. This week: Prison lesbians coming onto her! Forbes critiques these kinds of crazy tabloid pieces and why they’re so asinine.

The Guardian profiled fashion power couple Mary Portas and Melanie Rickey over the weekend. They talk about sharing wardrobes, their views on bad fashion and taking care of Mary’s kids. Mary tells the paper:

The thing is, all children want is for things to be normal. And you have to respect that. But you can’t compromise your life, because when you are happy and joyful, your children benefit from that. We deal with things by being honest and loving, just like any parents. When Mylo went to a new school at 11, when he wanted to have a new friend over, I would ring up the parents and say, do you mind letting George or Harry or whoever know that my partner is a woman? So that Mylo didn’t have to be explaining that. And all the children Mylo chose as friends were lovely people, and it was, you know, out in the open, and dealt with, which is the best way, don’t you think?

It’s a great read if you like fashion, lesbians or general cute couples finishing each other’s sentences.

AE reader Rogue told us that there’s a lesbian character on the Spanish show Tierra de Lobos. Her name is Isabel Lobo, played by Adriana Torrebejano, and she’s recently discovered her sexuality. Check out Rogue’s site for the recap. Or if you speak Espanol, here’s a clip.

Actually, I don’t speak Spanish and I understood that completely!

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