Morning Brew – Friday, Oct. 7: Evan Rachel Wood sings Justin Bieber, “The Playboy Club” could go to Bravo



The Playboy Club is hoping to find another home, possibly on Bravo. Executive producer Chad Hodge told Out:

For weeks now, I’ve been saying we should move over to Bravo. This is a fun, sexy, soapy show, and our core audience is women and gay men. No brainer for them. Bravo has wanted to get into scripted programming for years now. I’d love them to pick up the show. If one million people watched our show on Bravo—a quarter of our NBC audience—it would be a runaway hit.

He also told the mag that the gay storyline was a huge hit.

We were never criticized for the gay characters, actors, or plots. In fact NBC encouraged us to make the gay storyline even bigger because it was working so well.

Stop making me so mad it was cancelled!

An Horse has released a new video for their new single “Not Mine.”


Listen, you may think we have a lot of Evan Rachel Wood lately, but the bisexual actress has a new film out (The Ides of March) so she’s doing a ton of press. I’m just sharing the important parts. Like her singing “Baby” on Jimmy Fallon.


Also she’s one of Elle‘s Women in Hollywood this year.

Lastly, she told Marie Claire about when she started dating women.

It’s terrifying. Not because I thought it was wrong, but because I was intimidated by women. I didn’t know what to do. But I said, “You’ve got to go for it. It’s in you and it’s not going away.”

Sara Ramirez likes comfy clothes and sensible shoes. I like that in a woman! She told Latina:

As I get older I’ve realized that I want to look cute, but I want to be comfortable. I don’t want my feet to hurt by the end of the night. It’s just not worth it!

Ryan Murphy isn’t busy enough, so he is shopping around a new show with out Glee writer Allison Adler. It’s said to be a comedy, but that’s all we know as of now.

The National Enquirer called this story “Ellen and Portia Gay Secrets.” That’s not even a complete thought. The huge gay secret? They don’t want to have kids. I’m serious. That’s what it is.

Speaking of Ellen, here she is on Extra, talking about her new book.


The HRC is selling Ke$ha shirts for National Coming Out Day. Would you wear it?

Amber Benson is coming to Ringer! It’s a Buffy reunion, guys. And Amber is playing a stripper. Is Siobahn going to a strip club? Is Bridget? Are they both?

Out MC Reina Williams was on The X-Factor this week, but was cut last night. Here was a video she made as a contestant.


Follow her on Twitter to see where she’ll be next.

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