Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Dana Fuchs, Ane Brun, VersaEmerge and more!


Happy Wednesday everybody, we’ve made it to the middle of the week! I want to warn you in advance, I am sick and on cough medicine so there’s a good chance what you’re about to read is a little weird. I’m not quite at David after the Dentist levels but if it meant my head would stop hurting, I wouldn’t mind being there. Shutting up now. Oh, except it seems like Soundcloud isn’t working today and I’m having a hard time even getting on their website so I apologize in advance if the embedded songs don’t seem to be working.

Tying Tiffany

File Under: Electroclash, new wave punk, love

From: Italy

For Fans of: Adult.; liquid eyeliner pens; Metric; torn fishnet leggings; Suicide Girls; iguanas, rats or big snakes for pets; Kap Bambino; Dandi Wind; goth anime characters; coffee and cigarettes for breakfast; The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo.

Bonus: Her biography seems to be a bit mysterious but she is not only a musician, she is also an actress and award-winning writer. I really dig her style, too. Ciao bella!

Tying Tiffany – Miracle by tyingtiffany

Dana Fuchs

File Under: Raspy-voiced singer-songwriter, pop blues

From: Florida

For Fans of: Joan Osborne; Janis Joplin; if Melissa Etheridge and Bonnie Raitt had a music baby; Ana Popovic; Dani Wilde; Beth Hart; Taylor Dayne; curvy women (I have no clue if she is a curvy woman, but her music reminds me of a hot curvy woman); Grey’s Anatomy.

Bonus: Thanks to tweeter @shake_6 for the lovely recommendation. This brought me right back to my high school days when I was obsessed with Joan Osborne. Also kind of funny: Dana is the youngest of six children who are all musically inclined and all have names that start with the letter “D.”

Dana Fuchs “Love To Beg” by Dana Fuchs Band

Ane Brun

File Under: Poppy singer-songwriter, delightful

From: Sweden (via Norway)

For Fans of: Annie Lennox; Anna Ternheim; First Aid Kit; Feist; French toast; Rachael Cantu; folk stories; a lighter Joan as Policewoman; Woody Allen films; hearty stews; holiday traditions; whipped cream.

Bonus: I practically lost my mind listening to this amazing cover of Bjork’s “Joga” at the Polar Music Awards Ceremony honoring Bjork. Lost. My. Mind.

Ane Brun – Armour by caneranac

Sarabeth Tucek

File Under: Soft, mysterious and her photo up there really creeps me out. Did anyone else see the episode of CSI with the creepy killer in that full body suit? They had him on for one episode, never caught him and then never came back to that story. Watch out Sarabeth!

From: New York

For Fans of: Beth Gibbons gone acoustic; The Unthanks; Sea of Bees; spiders; Kelly Link novels, Cat Power, having a good cry, toast, The Squid and the Whale.

Bonus: OK, so Sarabeth was raised by a psychologist and a psychiatrist &dmash; this gives me a little insight into her being a little weird. As someone whose dad was a psychologist, I feel like it’s totally acceptable for me to say that. Thanks to Tweeter >@lesleydickson85 or introducing her to me!

Sarabeth Tucek ‘Wooden’ by Sonic Cathedral


File Under: Pop rock, soft punk

From: Florida

For Fans of: New Found Glory; Blink 182; Fall Out Boy; Hot Topic; Sick of Sarah; sneaking out of the house; keg parties; skate parks, eating candy as a meal substitute; Eyes Set to Kill; keeping things casual; Vanity Theft.

Bonus: I’m not even sure if she’s legal yet, but lead singer Sierra Kusterbeck is a total hottie with great pipes. I don’t normally listen to this genre too often, but the cough medicine is making it sound really good today!

VersaEmerge – ‘Figure It Out’ by RockSoundMagazine

That’s all for this week my friends! Enjoy the rest of your week and to my fellow members of the tribe, have a good and easy fast on Yom Kippur!

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