Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Camille Bloom, Deborah Bond and more


It’s hump day and this week has officially gotten away from me. Good thing I’ve got America’s Next Top Model to look forward to tonight; I just hope Ms. Thang fulfills her promise of giving us new words to add to the Tyrific dictionary (like I just did and I am offering Tyra the opportunity to steal “Tyrific” for her own use because I am sweet like that.) I know, I know — you came here for the music. Shutting up now.

Camille Bloom

File Under:  Rockin’ singer/songwriter

File Under:  Seattle

For Fans Of:  Ani Difranco, Bonnie Raitt, the awesome Joan Osbourne/Melissa Ethridge duet “Give Me Some Water,” Melissa Ferrick, cowboy boots, choker necklaces, boyish button-down shirts, thrift stores, Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, When Night is Falling, majoring in Women’s Studies

Bonus: Ms. Bloom is not only a Gibson-sponsored guitarist (which is pretty rad) she is also a member of our queer community! It looks like she’s touring the west side of the US the next few months so if you’re around, go out and show her some love.

Camille Bloom- Running Out Of Time by MMMusic


Brain Rain

File Under: Electronic, experimental, electro-pop

From: Belgium/Lithuania

For Fans of: “Mr. Roboto,” Hot Chip, Cut Copy, Junior Boys, interestingly angled haircuts, bright colors, modern architecture, long black peacoats, documentaries on the Discovery Channel, Karl Lagerfield

Bonus: I really like what they’re doing. If you listen to their Soundcloud jams they seem to be experimenting with many different styles and sounds. A bonus for me is that their producer/songwriter has just started reading this column so thank you for that Gota!

People Don’t Distinguish Colors At Night by Brain Rain

Deborah Bond

File Under: Smooth R&B, baby-making music

From: D.C.

For Fans of: The Brand New Heavies, Sade, Chicago steppin’, Leela James, Marsha Ambrosius, bubble baths, being dressed to the nines when you go out, champagne, happy parts of Tyler Perry movies, lobster, romance, Lalah Hathaway, classic style

Bonus: I couldn’t find the song “Keep On” to share with you from her Soundcloud page but you should definitely check it out on her Facebook wall. It incorporates electronic elements in a really interesting way.

You Are the One by BoraBond


File Under: Metal, dark metal, melodic metal

From: France

For Fans of: Guttural noises, piercings in naughty places, Straight Line Stitch, Kittie, scaring children, scaring your parents, scars, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dagoba, Nancy Grace, rollerdogs from the gas station, hot chicks in corsets who aren’t in period dramas

Bonus: Fans will be psyched to know they’re working on a new album right now. Be on the lookout but until then, have some “Teratologie.”

Tératologie by user4089230

Tashaki Miyaki

File Under: Shoe-gaze, dream pop, mysterious

From: California

For Fans of: Beach House, Ear Pwr, Sea Pony, Renegade Craft Fairs (or other hipster D.I.Y. events), La Sera, flowery dresses, feminine girls who drink whiskey on the rocks, baking cupcakes, drive-in movies, looking at old photographs that don’t belong to you or anyone in your family, Tumblr.

Bonus: There honestly, unfortunately, isn’t much of a bonus I can give you only because there is very little information out about the band. All I know is, you know about it now and we should all sing, dance and clap our hands.

Tashaki Miyaki – Somethin’ Is Better Than Nothin’ by nmemagazine

We made it through another week! Way to go team. I’ll be back next week with more suggestions but in the meantime and between time, find me on Twitter or drop me a message on here!

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