The Weekly Geek: Vampires vs. Zombies


I’m not sure exactly what started the great nerd debates of the internet. No, I’m not talking about Mac vs. PC, or operating system wars: I mean the old pirates vs. ninjas that somehow morphed to include zombies, vampires, werewolves, Aliens vs. Predators, and other, more supernatural factions. In the original iteration, you could use actual historical facts to claim a winner (ninjas, duh), but things have gotten more, well, complicated.

Just last night, Spike’s Deadliest Warrior stepped into the great debate, at least for the specifics of a zombie/vampire skirmish. According to a post on Wired:

Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior uses science to figure out which of the undead clans would win in a fight to the finish. The show usually pits real warriors or historical figures against one another (think Vikings battling samurai or Saddam Hussein going head to head against Pol Pot). But this week’s season-ending episode revolves around a supernatural smackdown.

Science is the answer! Seriously, the methodology is kind of fascinating (in a very geeky way, of course).

The Deadliest Warrior research team pulled together vampire and zombie experts to advise as they created the tests for their undead combatants. Consultants included World War Z author Max Brooks, Zombie Research Society founder Matt Mogk and The Vampire Survival Guide scribe Scott Bowen.

It seems whenever a monster group gains traction in genre fiction, it will naturally be pitted against the others. Is it a quirk of human psychology, or simply a wonderfully geeky hobby? Whatever it is, I think I’ll put my money on the zombies, if there are enough of them. Then again, vampires can turn others into vampires, too. Hmm….

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