Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Excuses for Skipping, Hellevah, Jenn Mierau and more


Welcome back homies! As promised, today I’ll be including a few of the artists and albums that didn’t make it into yesterday’s New Music Tuesday. If any of you were wondering, St. Vincent and Katy B ended up winning the battle for my ears’ attention. I know this news will help you sleep more peacefully tonight.

Jenn Mierau

File Under: Down-tempo, smoky, sensual trance

From: Canada

For Fans of: Sneaker Pimps, Imogean Heap, Goldfrapp, a less experimental St. Vincent, bands playing at Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s favorite cafe/bar, smoking and drinking coffee as a meal substitute, Massive Attack, Martina Topley-Bird.

Bonus: Since I missed out on posting about her album, Hush, yesterday, I’m making up for it today! So far I’m really digging it. It’s got some jazzy elements but is driven by trance and the seductive power of Jenn’s voice. Stream the album over at Spinner.

Jenn Mierau – Hush by Wears The Trousers


Kitty, Daisy and Lewis

File Under: Rockabilly, blues rock from a bygone era

From: London

For Fans of: Bobby Darin & The Rinky-Dinks, The Coasters, Joe Turner, Ruth Brown, pompadours, Elvis, bobby socks, Cry Baby (the Jon Waters film), pulp fiction (the books and aesthetics, not the film), La Bamba, antique malls, Gonzo journalism.

Bonus: These youngsters like keeping it so old school – they don’t use any computers in their recording process. To add to the sweetness, they’re siblings. Look out for their fantastic album, Smoking in Heaven, to come out this October.

I’m Going Back by PIASGermany

File Under: Dance R&B, new wave disco

From: Australia

For Fans of: Deluka, Groove Armada, Lovers Electric, metallic colors, crazy runway fashion, dramatic romance movies from the ’90s, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Grace Jones, Studio 54, getting dressed up to go dancing, Armani ad campaigns, vodka & soda.

Bonus: I’ll have to go back and listen but apparently the group collaborated with Jay-Z & Kanye for their album, Watch the Throne.


Big // Sneaky Sound System by cohabit


Excuses for Skipping

File Under: Dramatic rock, punk, new wave

From: San Francisco

For Fans of: The Gits, The Runaways, Tool, Sleater-Kinney, roller derby girls, 60’s sci-fi movies, Pretty Girls Make Graves, in some ways Warpaint, dying your hair different colors of the rainbow, jeans with holes in them (maybe even the crotch, but you don’t care, you’re not even going to sew them up!), getting dressed up for Halloween but opting for the non-slutty option and going for the scary/gory instead.

Bonus: Thanks to AE reader Amy for the introduction! The quartet is all queer and all cute! Their live shows promise unusual percussion elements like sheet metal and bike frames

Tonic For Hysteria by Excuses For Skipping


File Under: Moody, angsty experimental singer-songwriter

From: France

For Fans of: PJ Harvey’s “Rid of Me,” a much darker Placebo, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Death in June, Marilyn Manson toned down and stripped down (instrumentally), tortured artists, rainy days, displays of art that correspond to the suffering of people/nations.

Bonus: She’s got an album coming out in a couple weeks and I’m psyched to say she reads AfterEllen!

Patriarkill by Helluvah


We’ve made it to the end again! Don’t fret, I’ll be back next week with five more acts to check out. If you’re feeling feisty, consider watching the premiere of America’s Next Top Model tonight. I’ll be watching, recapping and smizing the hell out of my evening. If not, you can always follow me on Twitter!

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