Afternoon Delight: Chely Wright fights for gay marriage in NC, first look at the new “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” trailer


Good afternoon!

On Tuesday, October 4 the Indigo Girls will release their newest album Beauty Queen Sister. If you want to pre-order the CD (I do!), then head over to iTunes where you can also get special bonus tracks including the live recording of “Everything In It’s Own Time” and the acoustic version of “Beauty Queen Sister.” You can also preview the entire album on Amazon.

The official theatrical trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 has been released. This video is just another reminder of why I’m happy to be gay and also have no desire to breed. Vampire fetuses are such a buzz kill.


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 hits theaters in the US on Friday, November 18.

As mentioned in today’s Morning Brew, Tyra Banks and a group of models return to The CW tonight in the season premiere of America’s Next Top Model (check back for Mia’s recap tomorrow). Today, Banks’ first novel in her trilogy Modelland was released in bookstores. The series is inspired by some of Banks’ real life experiences although the book also includes magical elements and monsters. And, no, I’m not referring to Naomi Campbell.

Speaking of Banks, tonight the supermodel will make an appearance on TBS’ Conan, while Jane Lynch stops by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and tomorrow night lesbian comedian Fortune Feimster joins the Chelsea Lately round table on E!

Behold, the new album cover for Florence + The Machine’s Ceremonials. Enough said.

Chely Wright is not going to let North Carolina ban gay marriage without a fight!


Lady Gaga is in the Guinness World Records Hall of Fame! Gaga holds the world record for Most Followers on Twitter and her award-winning song “Poker Face” holds the record for the Most Weeks on the US Hot Digital Songs Chart. (Like she needs another award.)

Gaga has also been spotted in New York City doing a photo shoot with famed photographer Annie Leibowitz for Vanity Fair. I’m sure the photos will be arty and stunning.

On October 13, Amber Heard’s new film The Rum Diary (co-staring Johnny Depp) will make its world premiere at the opening night of the Los Angeles Film Independent Series. Check out the trailer below.


How do I get tickets?

I’d never thought I’d type this, but Republican and Former Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife Lynne spoke out in support of gay marriage. The Cheneys sat down with Barbara Walters and The View panel and discussed their gay daughter, Mary, her partner, Heather, and their grandchildren. Dick Cheney said, “I think freedom means freedom for everybody and you ought to have the right to make whatever choice you want to make with respect to your own personal situation.”


Attention Austin, Texas! If you’re a pet person like me, tomorrow night head over to the newly opened Modern FIAT Studio for the LezBeProud Pride Kick-Off Party and Fundraiser. The event starts at 6 p.m. and the $20 entry fee will be donated to Operation Kindness. The night will be full of raffles, giveaways and guests will receive a doggie bag of goodies.

In an interview with The Advocate, Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara discussed her girl crush on Halle Berry (join the club!), her admiration for Jane Lynch and, when asked if she has “lesbian admirers,” she responded, “Oh, there aren’t that many, are there? That’s flattering. All my fans must be very respectful, because I’ve never had a guy or a girl come up and grab my ass.”

Vergara also revealed that she has played a transgender character. Vergara says, “I did a movie called Grilled with Ray Romano and Kevin James that went straight to video. I played a transsexual, a guy who had gone all the way with the operation to become a woman. I had a great time playing that character.” And she claims it wasn’t a challenging role, explaining, “I look like a transsexual anyway. I’m a woman, but I’m super-exaggerated with my boobs, my ass, my makeup, and my accent. When I get ready for an event, I always look at myself in the mirror and say, ‘I look like a transvestite!’ I love it.”

Which brings us to the Video of the Day:

Last year Vergara teamed up with GLAAD for a “Be and Ally and a Friend” video. Since I don’t speak fluent Spanish, I’m not exactly sure what Vergara is saying but it sure sounds sexy — and very supportive.

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