The Huddle: Our favorite twins and triplets


Being a twin is in. Wanda and Alex Sykes have a pair, as do Sarah Jessica Parker, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Julie Bowen — the list goes on. Not only that, but Jersey Shore just coined the word “twinning” — when you score with a pair of twins. (They didn’t actually pull it off.) And two new shows about twins have popped up this season alone: The Lying Game and Ringer.

When I put out a call for our favorite twins and triplets, I thought I’d definitely get some “Tegan and Sara” and some “Topp Twins” straight away, but our writers are quite set on their own sets of womb-sharers, and they were all very interesting. (Thank god no one said Vikki and Rikki from A Double Shot at Love). I can’t wait to see who your picks are.

Heather Hogan: Kat and Meg Prescott are my favorite twins on earth. For one thing, they played Emily and Katie Fitch on Skins, so that’s an automatic gold medal in bestness. And for another thing, they’re hysterical in every interview they give together. And for another thing, they’re tiny, little hobbit-sized guys. I feel like they’d fit on my desk with my Wonder Woman and Batgirl action figures. And finally, I don’t know if you follow Meg on Twitter, but you should because she is a hoot.

Grace Chu: In 2006, Time Magazine could have chosen public figures that made history for its annual “Person of the Year” feature. On the short list were Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Instead, Time chose you for number one, the millions of anonymous contributors to social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and MySpace.

There have been many famous twins in history. But at the end of the day, it isn’t the Olsen Twins, the Bobbsey Twins, Nelson or Dani Campbell and Justin Timberlake that should be recognized, at least in lesbian subculture — it is you. You and that chick you are dating, sleeping with, or just having some bizarre boundary-crossing friendship with. You show up in public with matching outfits, your hairstyles begin to resemble each other’s, and you speak in a language that only you two can understand. You might even go all out and buy matching Vespas and motorcycle jackets. The urge to merge has erased the boundary between you two; you are now one half of the same entity.

Since this phenomenon is so prevalent in lesbian culture, I am just going to nominate you and that girl as my favorite twins, all of you. You are twins, yet you are most likely f–king. Take that to your therapist or psychology professor.

The Linster: Sarah Beth (Bambi) and Mary Beth (Tambi) Baker, Katchoo’s older half-sisters from Strangers in Paradise, are not people you want to cross. They are Amazon in size and brute force — and not hesitant to take out anyone who gets in their way. Eventually, the ruthlessness cost Bambi her life.

In the end, though, Tambi turned out to be not just deadly, but smart. If not for her, Katchoo probably wouldn’t be alive — and certainly wouldn’t be rich. We have Tambi to thank for Fran and Kat getting their happily ever after, and were glad to see in Echo that Tambi and Casey are getting theirs, too.

Trish Bendix: I’ve always loved that Kim and Kelley Deal played in The Breeders together. (Also in the band: Out lesbian Josephine Wiggs.) “Cannonball” is one of my all-time favorite songs and watching them play it side by side makes me irrationally, nostalgically happy.

Courtney Gillette: Tia and Tamara forever. And according to bizarre posters for their new reality show that I see at various bus stops and phone booths around town, the wacky twins are back as adults: one pregnant, one getting hitched. Talk about a sequel to Sister Sister! This just might be my bad TV indulgence this season.

Bridget McManus: My favorite twins are the creepy ghost girls from Stanley Kubrick‘s The Shining. I hate scary movies, but this is my favorite film of all time. In it, the murdered twins walk around the haunted hotel in matching blue dresses for all eternity. On a related note, my sister and I were forced to wear almost exact replicas of those matching dresses to my mother’s wedding when we were kids. That’s not a bad omen, right?

Karman Kregloe: The Del Rubio Triplets. Who wouldn’t love three scantily clad senior citizens covering songs like “Whip It” and “The Neutron Dance” on their matching acoustic guitars? Nobody I’d want to hang out with!

OK, your turn! Which two or threesome do you love?

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