Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Escort, Goapele, Regina and more


Gather round everybody, I’ve got some fresh new music for your ears. I also have some fun stuff coming up for any of you in Chicago this October and if you’d like to hear about it or maybe want to help out with spreading the word, hit me up with an email or message me on here. On with the show.


File Under: Disco has never sounded so seductive.

From: NYC

For Fans of: Donna Summer, Bootsy Collins, “Funkytown,” hot pants, making a Soul Train line on the dance floor the second you’re with a group of more than three people, single-sleeved/shouldered tops, poofy hair, bold eye shadow, Sylvester, droppin’ slow and low.

Bonus: Funky disco doesn’t just make itself. Nope, sometimes it takes a 17-member band like Escort. The group has been hailed by Time Out New York as the “city’s best live band.” Pretty serious stuff considering how many acts come from the Big Apple.

Starlight by Escort Records



File Under: This is the sex. In fact, wear protection while listening.

From: Oakland, CA

For Fans of: Massage oils, soft lighting, Maxwell, Jodeci, P.M Dawn, Janet Jackson’s “Rope Burn,” India Arie’s “Brown Skin,” Montell Jordan “Get It On Tonight” (I think I just started my baby making music mix tape for you), Kama Sutra, Teedra Moses, soft skin.

Bonus: Check out her ridiculously sexy black and white video for her latest single, “Play.” I also enjoy that the first few seconds sound like they could be from Robyn’s last album.

Goapele “Play” by SOUNDROTATION



File Under: Indie pop with a slight lean to the dreamy side of things.

From: Finland

For Fans of: Au Revoir Simone, Metric, Misha, Lisa Papineau, lounges rather than dive bars, the idea of hanging your clothes to dry on a line outside, Chairlift, Broken Social Scene, Camera Obscura, sundresses from the 70s.

Bonus: The band will be releasing their second album this upcoming September and even though the tracks aren’t in English, it’s easy to be taken away by the dreamy songs. Listen for yourself below.

Haluan sinut by REGINA

Jesse Thomas

File Under: Pop rock, singer/songwriter with some rasp to make it interesting.

From: Covington, Kentucky

For Fans of: Sheryl Crow, Meg & Dia, Brandi Carlile, Daniel Merriweather, coffee shops on a rainy day, keeping a journal, Naomily, the Pacific Northwest, bulky cable-knit sweaters, coming-of-age movies in which unrequited love is involved.

Bonus: Bonus for me, she’s apparently around the same height as I am or even a little bit shorter. You go girl, we need to stick together! Thanks to Mathilde for the recommendation!

Stay by jessethomas

Jolin Tsai

File Under: C-pop, dance

From: Taiwan

For Fans of: Britney Spears, S.H.E., Nicole Scherizinger, remixes, music to get you pumped up for going out (aka “Power Hour”), Black Eyed Peas, slightly risque fashion, J. Lo, colorful nail polish, being a flirty tease (I say this in the best way possible), dancing through the moonroof in a limo.

Bonus: Jolin got her big start after taking part in an MTV singing competition and has since recorded eight studio albums. Truth be told, I’m kind of really digging these remixes I’ve found on Soundcloud. She’s better than Brit Brit.

Jolin Tsai – 女人計 (DJ George’s Superstar Club Mix) by djgeorgeleong


That’s all for this week’s ladies to check out. Don’t forget to come back next week and if you want, drop me an email with a suggestion you might have or follow me on Twitter.

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