The Weekly Geek: Gaming fans will love “Portal: No Escape”


Do you like Portal (one of the best games of the last decade, hands-down), or its excellent sequel? Do you like weird sci-fi tech, dark humor, and sexy raven-haired women working out prison-style? Then you’ll absolutely love Portal: No Escape, a stylish, surprisingly sexy, freaky short (or fan film, if you prefer) from director Dan Trachtenberg (best known from his commercial work).


At first glance, I thought the gorgeous, muscled lady who wakes up in the “test chamber” was Claudia Black (of Farscape, Stargate and even Uncharted and Dragon Age fame). Alas, it is not, but certainly don’t let that stop you. The protagonist is played by Danielle Rayne, who shall now (and forever will be) on my radar.

Attractive heroine aside, the film is well shot and displays possibly the best live-action version of Portal’s mind-bending tech – those orange and blue beauties have never looked so good. It’s also darkly funny, though hilariously dysfunctional villain G.L.A.D.O.S. is nowhere to be seen (or heard).

Check out Trachtenberg’s website for more of his work.

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