Morning Brew – Tuesday, August 23: Anne Hathaway still wants Ryan Murphy to call her, Madeline Zima on kissing Selma Blair


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The Family Tree opens this Friday, which stars Madeline Zima as a student in a relationship with her teacher (played by Selma Blair). Zima talked with Buzzline about playing gay:

Initially I was going to play her as just tough and butch. I thought my hair would be curly and that I’d be wearing these big baggie clothes. I imagined everything about her screaming, “I don’t care!” But Vivi had a totally different vision for Mitzi. She saw her as wearing these short dresses, because wearing tights with the leg brace looks like a feat in itself. I was just so shocked by the wardrobe, but it’s beautiful. While those new clothes didn’t really affect my performance that much, I internally had to make some adjustments to tone some things down about the way I was going to play Mitzi.

Having seen the film, I can tell you that the butchy, baggy thing would have been really odd. Madeline also talked about kissing her co-star:

She was so great — kind, sweet, and very funny. Selma shared this very iconic kiss with Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions. That made me very nervous because this was the first time I’d ever had a female kiss on screen. But when the time came, Selma made it very comfortable. I think she may have ended up being more nervous than I was, actually, because it’s always uncomfortable to do a kissing scene with anybody, let alone doing it with two heterosexual women.

Right, like that’s the second time Selma has done a girl-on-girl kiss. Besides Cruel Intentions, she played a lez in Feast of Love, where her boo was Stana Katic! Anyway, I’ll have a review of the film for you guys this week and you can decide if you want to see it.

Are you ready to be a little more mad at Ryan Murphy? He still hasn’t followed up with Anne Hathaway about playing Kurt’s lesbian aunt on Glee! She told Buzzsugar:

[He said] “Anne Hathaway, come on Glee!” And I go “yes,” and he goes “Fab, I’ll call you.” And I never heard from him again. Ryan Murphy, I’m calling you out, I want to be on Glee! I got my songs all ready to go!

If Anne Hathaway says she wants to sing on your show and play a lesbian, you call her, dammit!

Kristin Bauer van Straten told Collider that we’ll soon see some of Pam’s backstory.

I am excited about the flashback, to see the genesis of my being made. That will be great. At a certain point, everybody gets their flashback of when they were made, and that will be pretty fun. There are so many unanswered questions in my mind about Eric and Pam meeting and beginning. That will be fun. All we have is, “I’m not a hooker,” which was a long, long time ago. Was that before her being a vampire? Was that after? And, she speaks with a Southern accent and also Swedish. When you move around, you pick up accents and languages. So, I’m fascinated.

I’ve never thought about that before — Pam has been all around the world. I wonder why she and Eric decided to open Fangtasia in Bon Temps?

I’m loving this comic about Thao & Mirah‘s tour, illustrated by Wendy MacNaughton. My favorite part is “Can’t find my bra.” That happens to me even when I’m not on tour.

Sara Gilbert shares her recipe for Easy Asian Stir-Fry with Parade. She tells the mag:

I can’t cook. I mean, at all. But I am raising my kids [Levi, 6, and Sawyer, 4] as vegetarians, and since we’re not on the chicken nugget train, I’ve had to come up with edible alternatives despite lacking culinary talent. One thing I’ve discovered: It’s almost impossible to mess up ­vegetable stir-fry.

Some reality star on the E! show Holly’s World wants Mila Kunis to be her “naughty schoolgirl.” I’m pretty sure I’m now dumber for having read that.

Live Out Loud is a great organization that helps bring out LGBT professionals to speak at your school, event, etc.! Past panelists have included Cherry Jones and Dustin Lance Black. Talk about A-list! Let your GSA, ERG or other LGBT group know about this ASAP. (I love acronyms!)

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