Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Sheila E, Buffalo Daughter, Veronica Maggio and more


It’s Wednesday and I’ve got some sweet music suggestions for you — some of which I can attribute to my obsession with making mix tapes and a recent pursuit to find the music I loved when I was younger.

Sheila E

File Under: Incredibly talented percussionist who brings sexiness to the funk

From:  California

For Fans Of:  Prince, George Clinton, early Whitney Houston, The Last Dragon, The Gap Band, Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam, fishnet gloves, Teena Marie, jean jackets with buttons on them, pop culture trivia, the Carlton dance.

Bonus:  Not only did Sheila E start out as a fierce drummer who played with Prince, but she is also a great cook who shares her recipes on her website!

Sheila E – The Glamorous Life by TLC Blog

Lhasa De Sela

File Under: Singer/songwriter whose unique voice may not be for everyone. But if she is for you, she’ll penetrate your soul.

From:  NYC/Mexico/Canada

For Fans Of: Joan as Policewoman, Keren Ann, Nima Simone, Cibelle, CocoRosie, fall and winter weather, Cat Power, ethnic masks displayed as home furnishings, Nico, lentil soup, pottery classes.

Bonus:  Actually, this is the opposite of a bonus. After falling in love with her voice I’ve found out that Lhasa passed away after battling breast cancer in 2010. I guess the only bonus is that I’m happy to have finally found her music and am getting to share it with you all.

Lhasa De Sela – Love Came Here by nettwerkmusicgroup


Buffalo Daughter

File Under: Electro funk, techno, experimental

From: Japan

For Fans of: If Deee-Lite and Luscious Jackson had a baby, Party Monster (the documentary and the film with Macaulay Culkin), Atari Teenage Riot, Datarock, Lite-Brite, Massive Attack, graffiti as art, parties in commercial loft spaces.

Bonus: Some good news for those of us state-side — the band’s last album, Weapons of Math Destruction, is finally available to us for download (there aren’t any physical copies for us). I would actually just like to add a bonus for myself and say I just read that it was Luscious Jackson who found them and introduced them to the Beastie Boys and got them (for a short time) on the Grand Royal label.

Buffalo Daughter – Volcanic Girl by tempusfugitangel


Veronica Maggio

File Under: Soul pop

From: Sweden

For Fans Of:  Drinking wine during the day (there is nothing wrong with that), Coeur De Pirate, Ellie Goulding (in that she has a sweet-sounding voice), Lily Allen, Ximena Sarinana’s song “Love Again,” fashion from Gossip Girl, dinner and a movie dates, natural-looking makeup.

Bonus:  According to the broken Swedish to English translator I used, Veronica has a new album out (not available yet in the states), Satan I Gatan.

04 – Veronica Maggio – Stopp by mobilemattias



File Under: Lyrically dark dream pop

From: Australia

For Fans of: School of Seven Bells, The Jezabels, H&M accessories, choppy hair, multi-colored leggings, short cotton vintage-looking dresses from the Gap (that was maybe a little too specific), a less heavy Ladytron, Telepathe, Broadcast.

Bonus: A big thank you shout out to AE reader Lubaboom for the suggestion. Their EP, Zurich, is a great album to take with me into the fall (or right now while I’m wearing a freakin’ hooded sweatshirt in my office because it is so cold).

Heartlove by alpineband

That’s all for this week but feel free to drop me a note and give me your suggestions, follow me on Twitter or catch me on Spotify.

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