Morning Brew – Wednesday, August 10: Jessie J writes a song about the London riots, Chile pushes for civil unions


Good morning, Brewbies! It is a slooow news morning, but I’ve got a couple of cheerful things to report.

After New York legalized same-sex marriage earlier this month, an affluent gay rights group in Taipei made plans to host a party where 60 lesbian couples will be married. They’re using the event as a fundraiser and a chance to make a public statement about same-sex marriage, which isn’t yet legal in Taiwan, even though a 2006 survey showed that 75 percent of Taiwanese citizens support gay people. In fact, last year Taiwan hosted Asia’s largest ever Pride parade; it boasted 30,000 attendees! 

Meanwhile, Chile’s president, Sebastian Pinera is pushing for civil unions for his gay citizens. While the president has repeatedly stated that he believes marriage is a sacred union between men and women, legalizing civil unions would be a huge step forward for Chile’s gay citizens. It would give them “access to inheritance and other social benefits.” Pinera’s opposition says he’s only working toward the goal to gain favor young voters. Appeasing voters by doing the right thing? Fine by us!

Jessie J headed back to the studio yesterday to work on a song inspired by the recent riots in London. When she made her announcement on Twitter — saying that if she couldn’t help physically, she’d help with her music — she got some serious backlash. She cleared it up by explaining:

I have broken my ankle and Im on crutches, which is why I said I am going to write if I cant go out. Thats how I help. I write songs. Go easy on me man. I didn’t mean it no ignorant way, that’s not who I am.

Unfortunately, she was evacuated from the studio due to safety concerns.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys in London. Stay safe.

Hey, how are you feeling about Emily and Samara after last night’s Pretty Little Liars? Depending on where you fall on the Samily Love/Hate scale, I’ve got some Good/Bad news for you: Claire Holt has been cast on the next season of The Vampire Diaries, which means Samara probably doesn’t have much time left in Rosewood. Ah well, it’s not like Emily has a hard time getting gorgeous girls to fall madly in love with her.

Lesbian comic book artist Rachel Deering let us know that in addition to working on the Womanthology project, she’s also creating her own book. Here’s how she describes it:

Anathema is a horror comic in the tradition of Warren Publishing magazines like Creepy and Eerie, and Hammer Horror Films. I sought to rekindle the excitement and authentic atmosphere of classic horror media from a yesteryear through my writing and the art of Alan Quah and Jorge Maese. This project is one of pure passion for my entire creative team. We yearn to bring the world back to a time when monsters stalked the night and danger lurked in every shadow!

Um, awesome! You can find out more about the project at Deering’s Kickstarter page.

And finally, in today’s Hollywood Will Never Leave Your Childhood Alone news, CBS is hoping to piggyback off of their Hawaii Five-0 success and our own nostalgia by rebooting Bewitched. You know what has made Hawaii Five-0 such a breakout hit? The bromance between Danny and Steve. If CBS is really smart they’ll find Samantha an equally lovable gal pal, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Have a lovely day, my lovelies.

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