Morning Brew – Thursday, August 4: Allison Janney on kissing Meryl Streep, “Glee” actors say the show doesn’t have gay agenda


Good morning, Brewbies! I’m ashamed of myself for forgetting to write about this yesterday, but huge thanks to RDG and silentecho for gently reminding me. This week, Washington’s Suquamish Tribe legalized same-sex marriage!

Suquamish Tribe chairman Leonard Forsman told The Seattle Times: “We are open and tolerant, and we want to make sure our members are offered the opportunity to be happy and free in their lives. This lined up with our values as a tribe. We don’t discriminate.”

While the change to the Suquamish constitution, which will allow the tribal court to issue a marriage license to same-sex couples if both people are over 18 and at least one is a member of the tribe, won’t make a huge difference legally, the leaders want gay people to know they have “acceptance and recognition from [their] tribe.”

Allison Janney was on The Joy Behar show last night, where she talked about her role in The Help, her time on The West Wing, and how CJ Cregg would have felt about how President Obama handled the debt crisis. She also talked about kissing Meryl Streep in The Hours, telling Joy that she kissed Meryl “with tongue.”


Time for a rewatch, I think!

Watch this circle: Joy Behar had Janney on her show last night, Janney has taken a role in a movie written by Chris Colfer, Colfer is on Glee, and so are Ashley Fink and Harry Shum, both of whom also stopped by Behar’s show last night. They had a nice giggle about people saying Glee has a gay agenda.


Coronation Street has announced the sad details of Sacha Parkinson’s departure. She’ll be leaving Weatherfield around Christmas time. Digital Spy chatted to Corrie boss Phil Collinson about her departure.

Before she leaves, could we see Sian come to the forefront in her own right rather than just as Sophie’s girlfriend?

Sian is leaving us at Christmas, so obviously the build-up to that will be a big story. I think Sacha is a wonderful actress and will go on to have a brilliant career, and I think we can’t underestimate the impact that those two characters have had on the show and the role models that they’ve become for younger people.

I still can’t handle my feelings about Sian going away.

Six hours after we found out that Lauren Ambrose landed the the role of Fanny Brice in the Broadway revival of Funny Girl, some angel on YouTube tracked down a video of Ambrose performing “Dancing in the Streets” on Star Search. I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s — how can I begin to describe it? Remember the first time you saw Robin Sparkles’ “Let’s Go to the Mall” video? It’s like that. But even better.




I can’t post the video here because of copyright infringement and all that, but do yourselves a favor and click through to watch the whole thing.

I hope your day is even more beautiful than a home perm from 1986!