Styled Out: Fashionably wed


July 24 marked the first day that the gays were granted equal marriage rights in the state of New York. Hooray! We could sit here and discuss the politics of the horrible inequality in most of the U.S., but I like to keep things a touch more light-hearted on this little weekly platform of mine. At the risk of sounding straight-up lipstick in this moment, check out these ensembles.

New York Magazine posted a look book, complete with a blurb about each newly and happily married couple to perfectly compliment their portraits. Be prepared: It’s chock full of lesbian love! Hide your wife, hide your kids.

My own nuptials are just a month away. It’s not technically legal in the state where I’ve chosen to celebrate with my family and friends, but I have separate-but-equal rights now that I live in the state of Washington. I not only get to don my more traditional gown during the ceremony, but I also get to throw on a yet-to-be revealed party dress for our after party (yeah, I’m going there). I was originally skeptical of needing a costume change, but a blog that I absolutely adore, Offbeat Bride, gave me the idea. Obviously I support a lot of their wardrobe posts, but Top Posts of All Time is not only an awesome name for a category — it’s just rad in general.

I can’t express how much I love the wedding blog So You’re EnGAYged. They not only helped me locate the perfect wedding photographer for our taste, but they have a lot of posts discussing and sharing great information about attire for the big day. Use your resources! This is a great one. contributor Meg Streit is also an amazing brain to pick if wedding bells are in your future (or even if they’re not, a girl can dream), so don’t miss her weekly column, Chicks Getting Hitched.

See you at the bouquet toss!

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