Morning Brew – Wednesday, August 3: Gro Hammerseng is pregnant, Julianna Margulies is sexy in a new “Good Wife” promo


Good morning, Brewbies!

Let’s kick off Wednesday with some happy news, shall we? Norwegian handball player and all-around favorite Gro Hammerseng has announced that she and her partner/teammate, Anja Edin, are expecting their first child. Rumors about Hammerseng’s relationship with Edin have been floating around for months, but the couple didn’t make their relationship public until they confirmed Hammerseng’s pregnancy. “We’re very excited to become parents,” she recently said in an interview. “These are exciting times!” She also said she plans to stay in top shape so she can return to handball as soon as she can.

Congratulations and best wishes to the soon-to-be moms! (Thanks to Tina for the tip/translation!)

I kind of love that Glee has its own news cycle. Today in Nude Directions news:

  • Aol Music is streaming the full Glee: The 3D Concert Movie soundtrack. Sadly, “Trouty Mouth” didn’t make the cut, but there are 23 other fan favorites to choose from!
  • Lea Michele says that Julia Roberts is at the top of her A-List Glee wish list. I don’t know, that kind of seems like looking a gifthorse in the mouth, Lea, on account of the season-long arc you’re getting to play with Idina Effing Menzel next year.
  • Despite abysmal ratings and infinite fan backlash, Oxygen’s The Glee Project is gearing up for a second season. If a reality show falls in a forest and no one is around to watch it, does it even count as TV?

CBS has released the teaser poster for season three of The Good Wife. They’re trying a different approach this season with their marketing, and may I just say, on behalf of all of us: “Helllloooo, Julianna Margulies!”

Nearly every Buffy alum on earth has weighed in on the Whedon-less movie remake that is scheduled to hit theaters next year. To sum up their feelings: Most heinous idea ever! At Comic-Con last week, Anthony Head was asked about the reboot, and he “laughed with exasperation” and said, “I’ve no idea why they’re doing it.”

Neither do we, Giles. Neither do we.

Hey, guess who Saturday Night Live tapped to be its second guest host in the coming season? Melissa McCarthy! Sookie St. James, how far you have come!

The Skins cast is back at work! Yesterday, they completed filming the first episode of series six! The show will air on E4 in early 2012.

GLAAD has released its annual Network Responsibility Index. This year, ABC Family became only the second network ever to receive an “Exellent” rating, with 55 percent of their programming being LGBT-inclusive and ethnically diverse. You can check out the handy chart I made below to see where the rest of the networks landed. (Percentages are hours of LGBT-inclsive programming out of total hours of programming.)

Did you know that Beluga Whales are some of the gayest animals on earth? It’s true. Actually, there are about a million animals that like their same-sex lovin’. But this morning, we’re talking about Beluga Whales and the reason we’re talking about Beluga Whales is because here is a video of a Beluga Whale dancing along to a serenade by a Mariachi Band.

You’re welcome. Happy Wednesday!

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