Afternoon Delight: Jessica Capshaw’s hearty family, Heather Peace on Helen Mirren (not literally)


Good afternoon and happy August everyone!  Don’t forget that this week is Discovery Channel’s official Shark Week! Scientists have proven that there are lesbian flamingos, so there must be lesbian sharks out there, right?  Ladies, do your research! Be safe.

Happy belated birthday to Boys Don’t Cry’s Hilary Swank! The two-time Academy Award-winning actress turned 37 on Saturday July 30.

Speaking of Swank, check out the trailer for her upcoming movie New Year’s Eve, starring Glee’s Lea Michele, a faux pregnant Jessica Biel, Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara, former Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl and five thousand other random celebrities. I hope at least one lesbian/bi couple kisses on New Year’s Eve!

I love to bake! In the last four days I baked a pineapple upside-down cake and double walnut brownies (with double the amount of walnuts called for in the recipe). Since I’m always looking for a new dessert to shove in my mouth, I present to you (without comment) “How To: Make a Vagina Cupcake.” The recipe is a little too anatomically correct for my taste.

Last week Grey’s Anatomy’s Jessica Capshaw spoke to People magazine about her two children. Capshaw said, “I don’t have slim children. I have hearty ones.” Capshaw makes her two children all organic baby food. I was also a “hearty” child (i.e. I was 200 pounds when I was 12, though my mother did not look like Jessica Capshaw).

Tomorrow night (Tuesday, August 2) I will be performing stand-up alongside Erin Foley and Jessica Golden at Akbar in Silverlake (4356 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles). The show is only $5 and I promise good times will ensue.

Marlo Thomas (That Girl) wrote an article for the Huffington Post about her lesbian niece’s wedding. Here’s an excerpt from Thomas’ article, which also contains some gay wedding etiquette tips:

I experienced this for the first time when my niece, Tracy, married the love of her life, a woman also named Tracey (only hers has an “e”). At that moment, as I looked at their radiant faces, I remembered seeing Tracy, age 8, singing along to the record of Free to Be…You and Me. And I couldn’t help but think, at last, Tracy is truly free.

Congratulations to Tracy and Tracey!

Out actress Fiona Shaw is wreaking some serious havoc on HBO’s True Blood. Watch the scene-stealing Wiccan work her spirit fingers towards the undead while the wind blows in her hair.



Speaking of True Blood, TB bad guy Denis O’Hare who plays the evil (yet awesome) vampire Russell Edgington recently married his boyfriend Hugo in New York! Congratulations guys!

Out comedian Fortune Feimster will be on E’s Chelsea Lately’s roundtable tonight.

Biographer Lisa Chaney’s new expose about Coco Chanel reveals that the fashion icon had a drug habit and embraced her bisexuality. (Yes, Chanel’s lady affairs are included in the 400 page bio.)  The controversial book, Coco Chanel: An Intimate Life, hits shelves November 10.

Lesbian Video of the Day:

Heather Peace recently stopped by STV’s The Hour and talked about her music, Helen Mirren and Season 2 of Lip Service.

This video has been removed in response to complaints about autoplay. You can watch the video via the link above.

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