Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Maria Gadu, Radiation City, Norma Sass and more


Well hello there! I am in a complete daze today due to trying to get ready for Lollapalooza, which is only a week and a half away. Perhaps next week I’ll bring you all an overview of all the female acts playing (and let it be known there are some truly amazing female artists taking the stages this year). This week, I offer you the following five acts:

Norma Sass

File Under: Soft indie folk rock with electronic elements

From: Norway

For Fans of: Those Dancing Days, Belle and Sebastian (with a little more balls — which is kind of funny), ruffled shirts, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, light beer, jogging to relieve stress.

Bonus: The quintet was recommended by my buddy Rikke. They put out their debut, Hunting for Treasures, in January of this year and I think after getting a little more experience and touring with this album, they could get big with their follow-up.

The Color Of Industry by Radiation City

Radiation City

File Under: Indie rock which upon listening to one song I was instantly in love and scouring for anything I could get, 

From: Portland. Of course they’re in Portland. Trish is in Portland, Lovers is in Portland — why would they be anywhere else?

For Fans of: Dark Dark Dark (very much), a less Southern version of Heartless Bastards, a less folky Brandi Carlile, Christina Perri, building up emotions until near-combustion, dinner parties with small groups of friends, casual attire, announcing when it’s your time of the month by slamming things and bursting into tears (guilty).

Bonus: While I feel like I’ve been teased with greatness, we only have to wait another month and a little bit to grab the re-release of the band’s debut album, The Hands That Take You. For now, here is a free download of their single, “The Color of Industry,” which you can also stream below.

Robbery by normasass


File Under: R&B pop

From: New York

For Fans of: BOA, Kelly Rowland, R&B ballads ready for dance floor remixes, Ashanti, wearing heels while dancing, anyone who made it on Making the Band, high tops with skinny jeans, JYP.

Bonus: Back in 2007, Utada set a record in Japan for record sales with a combined total of 7.7 million dollars across all digital formats.


Maria Gadu

File Under: Latin folk singer/songwriter, there’s actually a bit of a French jazz pop quality to her music as well

From: Brasil

For Fans of: Honestly, I’m at a bit of a loss here in terms of artists to compare her to but I’ll say this: If you enjoy candlelit picnics around live music, I’ll bet she would be amazing to see live on a date night. So, you’d also enjoy red wine, romance, slow dancing in the rain, giving someone a card for no reason other than to say you were thinking of them.

Bonus: Thank you to AE reader frenchmina for the new addition to my romance mix. Also, check out how absolutely adorable she is in that picture. Hello!?

The Shirelles

File Under: ’60s doo-wop, rock, soul

From: New Jersey

For Fans of: Lesley Gore, swaying, the original Hairspray soundtrack, The Shangri-Las, The Ronettes, Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Adele, being on the dancefloor at bar and bat mitzvahs, Grease, home-cooked meals, old cars.

Bonus: These ladies were basically the first “girl group” to define the sound of their era. They played the first integrated show in Alabama and as if that weren’t enough, these women were among the first entertainers to promote AIDS awareness. They are truly inspiring.

The Shirelles – Mama Said by lecoupdulapin


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