Afternoon Delight: Lindsay Lohan returns to work and Gaga shares with Cher


Good afternoon and TGIF! Or, for all you muggles out there, Happy Harry Potter Day! Heather Hogan attended a midnight screening of the final HP film so be sure to check out her rave review. Hermione, I miss you already.

If you’re in San Diego this weekend keep your eyes out for bisexual comedian Margaret Cho.

Out actress Jillian Armenante (Bad Teacher, Girl, Interrupted) teamed up with Academy Award winners Marion Cotillard, Kate Winslet and Gwyneth Paltrow in the action-thriller Contagion. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the film centers around a lethal airborne virus on the brink of an international outbreak. Sorry, Gleeks, Paltrow dies in the film (her death is shown in the trailer). Contagion hits theaters September 9.

I was first introduced to songstress Leona Lewis at Logo’s 2008 New Now Next Awards. Lewis was absolutely adorable and now, three years later, Lewis has evolved into a bombshell. Take a listen to Lewis’ newest single “Collide.”

Lady Gaga is not only a mega-performer but she’s also a giver. Gaga gave one of her songs to Cher, which can be heard on Cher’s upcoming album. Didn’t Cher retire like 10 years ago? The track, “The Greatest Thing,” is an old song that Gaga never used. One woman’s trash is another woman’s soon-to-be Grammy Award-winning song! Check out Cher’s giddy tweets about Gaga.  And although Cher and Gaga have stated they are not doing a duet, I have a feeling something is in the works.

Actress Lindsay Lohan went back to work yesterday. Lohan, rocking fire engine red lipstick and dressed in leopard print, was on the set for The Miggs’ new music video. Lohan played herself during the shoot, which entailed posing for photographs and signing autographs. No word on when the music video will be released, but I can’t wait!

Tonight, lesbian comedian Dana Goldberg will be performing in Columbus, OH for the “Stand Up For Equality Tour.” Join her at the Wall Street Night Club at 8:00 pm. Tomorrow night, July 16, Goldberg will take the tour to Cincinnati for an 8 p.m. show at Below Zero Lounge. For tickets visit Tickets include an annual HRC membership!

 Lesbian/Bi Video of the Day:

Today’s video is the trailer for the new documentary The Lavender Scare. Based on David K. Johnson’s book, the film reveals the “U.S. government’s ruthless campaign in the 1950s and ’60s to hunt down and fire every Federal employee it suspected was gay.”  Check out the trailer for this important documentary and always be proud to be exactly who you are.


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