Morning Brew – Friday, July 15: Eva Longoria plays a lesbianish mayor in “Without Men,” Queen Latifah on tabloid rumors


You guys, I love Fridays. I’m sure you do, too. I just wanted to share.

Chely Wright was a guest on Overheard, and you can watch her five-part video interview on YouTube. I’ve included the first part to get you going.


Queen Latifah talked with TV Guide about her recent appearance on Single Ladies. She explains about her character’s storyline with Single Lady Val:

One drunken night something happened between them. And not to stir the rumor-mill pot, but I have no problem confronting things like that.

Things like what? Drunken nights? Speak more!

There’s no need to discuss it any further, but, hey, if [the tabloids] can have fun with me, I can have fun with them, right?

My Queen, I am confused. Forgive me!

IndieWire spoke with Codpendent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same director Madeleine Olneck and asked if she’ll only make movies about lesbians from now on. She said:

That’s harder to say. I certainly have stories that I’ve worked on that haven’t been as much. I think comedy can contain the whole world. As you know how, it’s so hard to make a movie, whatever story you tell better be one you’re very compelled by. I definitely will be telling stories that I care about.

I have a wide view of what a lesbian story is. For example I think Being John Malkovich is a brilliant lesbian film. That movie has a happy ending for its two characters. That wide path it takes you on…I think that’s an amazing film. If I could ever make a film like that I could die happy.

I thought Mulholland Drive was also an incredible story about what it’s like to be gay. I don’t think people see that movie that way at all.

I do! And I love it, so we’re on the same page, Madeleine.

Former RachelWatch recapper Ali Davis is contributing all the royalties from her books July 16 – 31 to Truth Wins Out in what she calls “Books Against Bachman.” Michele, that is.

Friends was very friendly to lesbian characters (one of the first ever lesbian weddings on TV!), but it also served up some homophobic jokes. Observe: Homophobic Friends.


Eva Longoria plays a lesbian in the new film Without Men. (Hilarious title to go along with this tidbit!) Director Gabriela Tagliavini told Fox’s Pop Tarts:

Eva is more sexy here than in Desperate Housewives. She was a total trooper and she just went for it, it all looked very real.

In the film, Eva plays the mayor of a town where all men were forced out. She ends up liplocking with Kate del Castillo, as you can see in the trailer.


Gabriela said of the two:

It was a little difficult as the two girls are both straight so they were very nervous and laughed a lot. But I think that just made it even lovelier. [Female audiences] don’t want to watch porn, so it was all very sensual, both are very beautiful women aside from being incredibly funny.

Female audiences don’t want to watch porn? Which ones have you been talking to, lady? BTW, Eva has kissed a girl before on Desperate Housewives, so it’s not her first time at the rodeo.

Speaking of gorgeous women, Amber Heard was a presenter at the ESPY Awards the other night. It seems as if she got tight with co-presenter Cee-Lo, who I’m sure said something completely inappropriate to her as he did to many of the women contestants of The Voice.

The boys of the podcast Six Package interviewed Whitney Mixter this week. I haven’t listened yet, but I’m assuming it’s NSFW.

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