Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Blush, Jess Miles, Tearist and more


This week has been crazy insane so pardon some of my “For Fans of” areas (eventhough I stand by them). I find today’s group of bands really interesting, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

BlushBlush Band

File Under: Totally catchy poppy hip-hop, better than most of what I’ve heard recently

From: Um, where do I start? Their roster looks like my fantasy roster back in 7th grade. Victoria is from Hong Kong, Natsuko “Nacho” is from Japan, Angeli is from the Philippines, Ji Ha is from Korea and Alisha “L’il Ali” is either from India or she speaks Hindi like a champ.

For Fans of: Beyonce, Katy Perry (in musicality only, not lyrically), Fergie’s solo music, Pussycat Dolls, well-dressed Disney stars, fruit smoothies from Jamba Juice, music videos where friends are hanging out in a convertible singing through the desert.

Bonus: The video for their single, “Undivided” is apparently the first music video to be done entirely using the Brushes app for the iPad. Whoever did this was obviously insane or is slowly getting there. Kudos to you my friend.

Jess MillsJess Mills

File Under: Sextronica, club

From: UK

For Fans of: Ladytron, The Streets (specifically “Blinded By the Lights”), Groove Armada with Saintsaviour, Katy B (but totally different vocal stylings), being able to pull off wearing an American Apparel black unitard, the feeling of being in a room and suddenly seeing someone across the room and having everything turn to slow motion.

Bonus: Thanks to Twitter user @tasdj for the sweet recommendation! Word on the street is, Jess has an album coming out this August but I’m not sure if it’s only in the UK or if the US release will come then too. Either way, we’ll keep an eye on her – which shouldn’t be difficult since she’s a total babe.


File Under: Dark electronic, experimental, Afro-beat

From: LA

For Fans of: Aerea Negrot, Anne Clarke, feeling like you’re having a heart attack, being scared of the dark, Grace Jones, ritual sacrifices, performance art, if Animal Collective turned into Rabid Animal Collective.

Bonus: The duo makes their albums by piecing together, layering, distorting and mashing their live recordings together. When you hear the final package, it’s really quite remarkable.


File Under: Folk Metal, accordions!

From: Russia

For Fans of: Cruachan, Einherjer, Turisas, Medieval Times, pretty much any of the shows on Adult Swim, Tosh.0, if someone made a Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack entirely out of punk covers, borscht (which I actually really enjoy).

Bonus: Sims big love to you. Vocalist Masha “Scream” Arhipova is noted as being one of the successful female artists to hit the low notes of the Death Metal growl! Awesome!

Da Brat

File Under: What in the hell happened to?!!, Hip-Hop, Rap, talented

From: Chicago (represent!)

For Fans of: Missy Elliot, DMX, Lil’ Kim, swearing, intense rap spitting skills to make you go, “Woah!”, back when Queen Latifah was hard, back when Snoop Dogg was hard, the movie Friday.

Bonus: OK unfortunately I did some research and found out where she’s been and that is jail! Oopsie, maybe it’s best that Queen Latifah and Snoop got soft. Well in some happier (?) news, I got to see Da Brat in concert opening up for one of my favorite groups at the time, Kriss Kross. It was 7th grade, don’t judge. They were all awesome.

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