Huddle: Our favorite animated women


Anyone who has ever been a child (aka everyone) has had a crush on an animated character. It’s science (probably). But even when you’re a grown up, you can find a fictional figure sexy, whether it’s in your comic book collection in a video game or on the small screen.

So who do you find irresistible despite the improbability of your ever meeting, AE team?

Grace Chu: Dark Phoenix in the X-Men comic book series is basically a super powerful Jean Grey clone who runs around doing bad things while the real Jean Grey is in a coma underwater. One time she eats a star and then the resulting supernova blows up a planet, so she is sort of like the Death Star with really nice boobs. That’s hot.

Lindsey Byrnes: Jessica Rabbit, such a classically beautiful woman, er um, cartoon. She confuses me and I think I like her a lot. I really like her personality.

Bridget McManus: Umm, excuse me, Aeon Flux! Super duh! I also must give a shout out to Rogue from X-Men. (The adult Rogue not Anna Paquin‘s baby Rogue. )

Courtney Gillette: Hopey Glass, be-still my heart! Best punk rock Latina queer this side of Hoppers!

Dorothy Snarker: Daria. What? I find sarcasm and misanthropy hot.

Trish Bendix: On that note, I’ve always had a thing for Jane. Artistic, witty and sexy in big boots.

Mia Jones: All of the Misfits. Hot bitches who can jam.

Heather Hogan: I know TheLinster is also going to choose Francine Peters from Strangers in Paradise, and I was going to go with Batwoman because, I mean, have you seen Batwoman?

But here’s the thing: I don’t just think Francine Peters is hot; I want to marry Francine Peters. I really do. Everything about her — her laugh, her compassion, her klutziness, her wit, her loyalty, her occasional feisty-ness, her neuroses, her not-stick-figure figure — is just the greatest thing ever. The hottest combination of things ever.

The real truth is that Strangers in Paradise changed my life. Coming to terms with my sexuality was a long, dynamic process that involved a lot of experiences with a lot of people. I rolled my eyes when a comic shop owner pressed a copy of SiP into my hands and said I’d like it as much as I like Austen. But he was right. SiP didn’t make me know I was gay, but SiP made me know that being gay was going to be OK.

So, yeah, I’d marry Francine Peters — even if I have to arm wrestle Linster for her. I kind of think Fran would like to have girls fighting over her, actually. She’d think it was hot.

The Linster: Although her temper is scary and she comes with baggage that includes people from her past trying to kill her, Katina Choovanski, aka Katchoo, from Strangers in Paradise is the hottest woman ever to grace a drawing board.

A long time smoking habit (that I’m sure she kicked when she got pregnant) gives Katchoo a low, husky Kathleen Turner voice that never fails to say exactly what she thinks. And I would love to hear that growl whispering into my ear.

Kat is even hotter now that she’s older and has let life and love soften her. Being with the girl of her dreams, Francine, and raising a family in New Mexico has brought the kind of peace that shines through her eyes into her heart. And nothing is sexier than a happy, content lesbian.

Your turn! Who is your animated crush?

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