Morning Brew – Tuesday, June 21: Kristin Bauer wants Pam to get a GF on “True Blood,” a lesbian Latina cop on “Law & Order: LA”


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AOL has a great interview with Kristin Bauer in which she talks about Pam’s backstory with Eric on True Blood.

Alex and I have been asking the writers for four years: “What’s her past? What’s their relationship?” They usually just pat us on the head. They really treat us sort of like very sweet children and that’s accurate. I’m assuming, from the books and Blu-ray commentary, that she had a romantic relationship with Eric at the beginning. But, by now, it’s really more father/daughter. We were joking that I guess that happens after 150 years. You know, the first 50 were really passionate, [laughs] and then Pam branched out. Now she seems to be mostly gay. Again, I’d like to find out more about that! In the books she gets a girlfriend.

Kristin is also on the cover of Tattoo magazine this month, showing off her ink.

WetPaint wants to know who you think is hotter: Pam or Sophie-Ann? We obviously had the same idea with our Shag, Marry or Bury this week, but why not vote twice?

Cynthia Nixon appeared on Sunday night’s episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I totally missed it, but I’m sure she was just as good as she was on Law & Order: SVU.

And on last night’s Law & Order: LA, Lieutenant Gonzales comes out as a lesbian — and admits to racial profiling.

Billboard has a list of 20 Great Gay Moments in Music, and, well, they had me until Lil’ B‘s I’m Gay made it over some actual out artists working hard for equality. You know, like actual gay rappers?

If you’re a teen, or you know someone who is one, you might want to reccommend they check out Queer: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens. I didn’t have a guidebook when I was a teen, and I’m pretty sure it would have helped me realize I was a lesbian much sooner. That and a butch best friend.

Eileen Myles is talking about experimental literature over at HTMLGiant. An excerpt from the discussion:

I think the absence of women of color in feminist circles IS troubling as is the absence of queers and trans people in feminist circles. As is the absence of people who resist a discourse founded in theory. Or a discourse founded in middle class or upper class values and ideas of beauty. We are all challenged to resist the comfort of sameness in our working writing living lives.

Is this month the most homophobic month ever? The Root says black culture has been having a really horrible track record this June, with Tyler the Creator, Tracy Morgan and David Tyree and their homophobic outbursts. It’s a great piece and ends on this note that can sum up the importance of Pride month for all people: “Gays are not just white men. They are poor, middle class, disabled, Native American, black, Asian, Latino, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, single mothers, single fathers and any other identity you can imagine.”

50 Cent says Lady Gaga has it a lot easier than he does because she’s white and a pop artist. He says her songs cross over genres easier than urban artists do. That could be true, but I’m pretty sure the two artists have many more differences in their image and music than those two identifying factors.

Today in Lesbianish TV: *The Ellen DeGeneres Show, It’s Still Elementary (Logo 12 p.m.), Late in Life Lesbians (Logo 1 p.m.), D.E.B.S. (IFC 1:30 p.m.), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride (Showtime 6 p.m.), Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family 8 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.), White Collar (USA 9 p.m.), The Voice (NBC 9 p.m.) and HawthoRNe (TNT 10 p.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

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