Afternoon Delight: An update on Naya Rivera’s solo album, Kate Winslet in “Labor Day”


Happy Friday!

Lady Gaga’s newest video, “Edge of Glory,” debuted on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance? last night. (This video reminds me of the scene in West Side Story in which Tony sings about his star-crossed lover, Maria, on a New York fire escape.) SYTTCD producer Nigel Lythgoe also announced that Gaga will be a guest judge on a future episode. Since I never miss an episode of the Emmy Award-winning dance show, I’ll definitely be tuning in to watch.

It’s time for some Black Swan trivia! Did you know that Black Swan director, Darren Aronofsky, was considering casting Parker Posey in the role of Beth Macintyre? The role ultimately went to Winona Ryder. I adore Posey and would have preferred her over Ryder as the fallen prima ballerina. Speaking of Posey, do you remember her lesbian sex scene with Heather Graham in the film The Oh in Ohio? Good times.

I have officially finished reading Suzanne Collins‘ The Hunger Games trilogy and man those books took me on an emotional journey. (For those of you who read them, were you satisfied with the ending? I wasn’t.) Anyway, we’ve reported that actress Jennifer Lawrence will star in the movie adaptation of the series as Katniss Everdeen, the 16-year old competitor who fights in a televised death match against other children in the Hunger Games. Some think Lawrence is too old to play Katniss but personally I’m happy with the casting. I mean, have you seen Winter’s BoneEW recently highlighted Lawrence’s “Red Carpet Style” and her glamorous looks make her appear to be a lot older than 16.

Which of our favorite gay and gay friendly shows are going to Comic-Con this year? True BloodGlee and Game of Thrones! I know that Stacie Ponder is freaking out right now, but will you be waiting in line for hours to take a picture with Sookie and Santana?

Speaking of Game of Thrones, the HBO show’s season 2 will resume shooting Monday, July 25. Once again the medieval series will do the bulk of its shooting in Northern Ireland based out of Paint Hall Studio in Belfast. If you live there, your homework assignment is to sneak on set, take photos and email them to me!

The one and only Kate Winslet has been cast alongside Josh Brolin in Labor Day. Winslet plays a lonely mother who takes in a drifter (Brolin) but she soon discovers he’s a convicted murderer. Well, I’m not surprised one bit. Brolin always plays the bad guy. Just look at his resume: True GritPlanet TerrorW.! Brolin can not be trusted. Labor Day will begin shooting next year in New England.

While Grey’s Anatomy is on summer hiatus, star Ellen Pompeo, who plays Dr. Meredith Grey, weighs in on her crumbling onscreen marriage. Pompeo told TVLine, “Listen, what Meredith did clearly crossed a line. Derek has a right to be pissed. I think Derek should feel wronged for a second, but then he needs to get over it, quick!” I agree, get over it Derek! Although since Cristina is also single maybe Meredith and her can finally hook up. I mean, they are “soul mates.”

Ok, this is gay, but not lesbian-gay. I’m a fan of James Franco, even after he bombed at hosting this year’s Oscars, EOnline highlighted Franco’s “Top Five Gay Moments” which I felt compelled to share with you all.

Tracy Morgan is making his rounds apologizing to every gay person he can find. (Hey Tracy, I’m gay. Say you’re sorry to me! Love, Bridget) GLAAD has documented some visual evidence that Morgan is in fact “sorry.”

Morgan sat down with some LGBT Youth at the Ali Forney Center. Carl Siciliano, the founder and executive director of the Ali Forney Center, issued this statement:

As Tracy learned, family rejection is no joke. Jayden and Raciel’s stories speak to the power of homophobic family members to harm their children.  As the head of the Ali Forney Center, I have met thousands of other LGBT youths thrown out by their families. Over 70% were abused and assaulted in their own homes simply because they were LGBT.  Research shows that these kids are as many as eight and a half times as likely to commit suicide. This problem will not disappear overnight, but we have the power to change it.  I hope that Tracy has seen the error and impact of his remarks and that he will educate others about the terrible harm that family rejection does to LGBT youth. Even moreso, I hope this incident will bring attention to this crisis and encourage others to work toward a day when all youth are loved and protected in their own homes. 

Our very own 2011 Hot 100 winner Naya Rivera has scored a deal with Columbia Records. Rivera announced that as soon she’s finished with this summer’s Glee tour she’ll focus on her solo album. Rivera told EW, “I won’t have anything I’m working on until after the tour is over so July 4th, when I get back home in L.A., is when I’ll hunker down and spend that whole month hammering out the details and the creative process of that. I’m really excited about that.” What is she going to sing for us? Rivera, “I know what I sound good on, and I know what I like to write I’ve been writing for years, so I have a catalog of songs that I’ve written over the years, and it’s just a matter of getting with the right producers and other writers to develop the sound that is me.” Will you buy Rivera’s album?

San Francisco lesbian couple Jenni and Lisa are packing up and traveling to 16 different countries in one year for a project called Out & Around: Stories from a Not-So-Straight Journey. Their mission is to strengthen our LGBT community by sharing the experience of world travel as a lesbian couple while meeting queer individuals across the globe. They are hunting for the “supergays” which are “individuals who are leading the momentum on the LGBT movement.” Jenni and Lisa are trying to raise $6,000 in six weeks so they can head out on their journey. To learn more about their movement visit their website or watch the video below.

Lesbian/Bi Video of the Day:

I’m not sure if any of the members of Seattle’s all-female band The Juliettes identify as gay,but they are very excited about gay people. Check out their video “Hooray You’re Gay.” The Juliettes are donating 100% of the net proceeds of this song to equality education and at-risk gay youth.

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