Morning Brew – Friday, June 17: TMZ thinks Kristanna Loken’s “lesbianism” can be changed by Gerard Butler


Happy Friday!

TMZ caught Gerard Butler chatting up Kristanna Loken at a party and immediately began discussing if the actor could “turn her” because she’s an “out lesbian.” There’s even a graphic that says “The Carpet Bagger.” Classy.

Besides the fact that they’re wrong about her orientation (last we knew, she identified as bisexual), I’m pretty sure it takes more than just a conversation with Gerard to make anyone’s panties drop. Now if he were Michelle Rodriguez

A lesbian couple shared a kiss at a Minnesota Twins game and were chastised by a security guard who said one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard in response to a kiss: “We don’t play grab ass here.” Well, where do they play it then? Because that’s where I’d like to go! Grab Ass Stadium. The girls, Taylor Campione and Kelsi Culpepper, have filed a complaint with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, as the security guard they were reprimanded by is still employed by Target Stadium.

Total Film has a list of the 20 lamest vampires. With so many lesbian vamps you’d think there’d be more than one on the list. Luckily, only one Sapphic chick made it. Can you guess which film?

Vicci Martinez said that she is sticking to her own style of dress while on The Voice. She told The Seattle Times:

One day in wardrobe I put on this crazy-expensive, black, tight dress, and we sent a picture of me in it to the producers. They said, “We hope you’re joking, because this is too crazy!”

The article also notes that Vicci’s gf, Kate Monthy, has been cheering her on. As she should!

I learned a lot about kd lang from this profile of her in the Independent. Including this:

lang is now in a long-term relationship – she met her girlfriend, Jamie, at a Buddhist centre 10 years ago – and lives in a sparsely furnished cabin-style house in the Hollywood Hills that once belonged to Rock Hudson. When she’s not recording or touring or on her annual Buddhist pilgrimage to India, lang is likely to be found immersing herself in domestic duties (“I love cleaning. I’m a very good housewife”), painting landscapes and looking after her elderly dog.

What a life! Also, three out of four kids in her family are gay. How about those odds?

Out magazine has a list of The Gayest Comic Book Heroes. The females: Mystique, Batwoman, Scandal Savage, Dr. Allison Mann and The Question. All of them manage to have great boobs.

Speaking of animated lesbians, check out comedian Cameron Esposito telling a joke with some accompanying images. As if it were possible to make her more funny!

Beyonce‘s new shoot in L’uomo Vogue is very film noir. I’m digging this suit on her.

Rutina Wesley has a message for you, Truebie. (I can’t be the only one!)

Speaking of Ms. Wesley, she gave an interview to TVFanatic in which she discussed what’s up for Tara in Season 4.

We will see Tara in a whole new light. She’s stronger, fiercer, and has learned how to love herself. She’s calmed down a bit and we will find out what she’s been up to. But eventually she will be swept back up into the world of vampires and taken on a journey she never even dreamed possible.

And she spoke highly of working with Anna Paquin, too.

Anna is my girl. She has been lovely to work with. She is very generous as a scene partner and she has my back. I enjoy all our moments together because we actually get along really well on and off set and it makes work so much easier and our connection on-screen that much stronger.

Tara is definitely one to watch in this upcoming season. Just a helpful tip.

Billie Jean King is on a media blitz for World Team Tennis. Here’s just one interview she did with Morning Joe.

Today in Lesbianish TV: *The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.), *Susan Feniger on The Best Thing I Ever Ate (Food Network 10:30 p.m.), Pride Comedy Jam (Showcase 11 p.m.) and Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement (IFC 11:45 p.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

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