Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Lucy Love, Amanda Diva, Spinnerette and more


Happy Hump Day friends! I’m ready to take on the world in my “Dance It Out Bitches!” shirt today. Hopefully you’re feeling equally alive (or caffeinated). Let’s get to the music!


File Under: Electro-kissed rock ‘n roll that makes you want to swing your panties around your head. (Yes I said panties. Get over it.)

From: LA (thought Brody Dalle is originally from Australia, land of the hot babes)

For Fans of: Band of Skulls, Queens of the Stone Age (and not just because Brody’s husband is Josh Homme), Civet, if Blondie joined a street gang, if Courtney Love sobered up and cared

Bonus: OK, I know I’ve talked about a lot of hot women on here, but honestly, Brody Dalle might be number one on my “to-do” list. She is amazing.

Lucy Love

File Under: Club, electro, dub, grime

From: Copenhagen

For Fans of: Lady Sovereign, The Streets, a much less-polished Katy B, neon accessories, graffiti, laser light shows on the dance floor, sweet tasting shots (i.e. kool-aid or jolly rancher shots), Rusko, fruit-flavored candy

Bonus: Thanks AE reader Selma for the rec! So far my favorite track is “Who You Are.”


File Under: Light, sunny folk pop

From: Japan

For Fans of: Skipping down the street, Sheryl Crow’s C’mon, C’mon, rollerblading, daisies, Miwa

Bonus: Fans of the duo’s previous mini-album will be happy to hear they’re putting out a new one soon.

Amanda Diva

File Under: Soul-spit, hip-hop, R&B

From: NYC

For Fans of: Lauryn Hill, Mos Def, Common, being fly, Jill Scott, sexy shoes, hot oil massages, Bahamadia

Bonus: She’s letting you name your price to download her album on her Bandcamp page.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

File Under: Dance pop, neo-disco

From: London

For Fans of: Robyn, Ellie Goulding, interpretive club dancing, Kylie Minogue, Annie, Erasure, fashion magazines, romance, champagne, salads as a dinner entree

Bonus: So I’m not sure if this is just for the UK or what, but apparently she had an album come out June 13 — just definitely not in the US. That being said, her music should definitely be added to some pride mixes. “Murder on the Dancefloor” should be queued up in case you need an emergency Electric Slide to break out.

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