Morning Brew – Tuesday, June 14: The women of “True Blood,” Evan Rachel Wood on “Once and Again” and awesome career


Hi guys!

Let’s start out with these hot new portraits of the women of True Blood.

No Evan Rachel Wood, though. Is Queen Sophie-Ann gone for good? Either way, she’s fabulous on this webcam interview discussing her career, including Mildred Pierce and Once and Again, her first lesbian role!

How hot does she look? Is that a new cut or is her hair just up? Can’t tell but damn, girl.

Out MC Kreayshawn has officially signed a deal with Columbia Records. She told MTV of the signing:

Columbia was the best because they were like, “We want to do exactly what you’ve been doing.” I’ve been directing music videos, so they’re like, “We want you to keep doing that.” I do a little graphic design, and they had me make my logo. The music that I’m making — “Gucci Gucci” — [is] going to be the single that they push.

And here she is talking about the video for “Gucci Gucci.”

We finally get a look at Wanda Sykes on the upcoming season of Drop Dead Diva, along with other guest stars like Lance Bass.

Season 3 premieres June 19 on Lifetime. And one of the stars of the show, Margaret Cho, was on The Talk yesterday, where she discussed her “open bisexual relationship.”

She either scared the s–t out of some housewives or gave them some ideas.

In a Seattle Times piece discussing the relevance of riot grrrl today, JD Samson recalled some thoughts she had about her gender presentation when Le Tigre first started touring.

There were times when I felt so bad about myself and so scared to go out there. And the more I thought to myself, “This is the coolest thing ever, I am creating visibility for people that don’t have it,” that just pushed me to go forward.

And we thank you for it, JD!

I’m digging this T called “Activist” from Demographic. Their description of the T, which has an altered symbol for female with a pink sign for equality, reads:

Issues of gender equality, sexual oppression, and discrimination still exist in our society today. Awareness is an essential part of working toward resolving these issues, so that we can eventually say that we are all treated as equals.

Yours for $28! I also love the Bookworm T.

BTW, the editor of Lez Get Real has come out as a straight, married man. Apparently it’s a trend.

I love Sarah Jaffe and I love Robyn. Sarah Jaffe covering Robyn? Best.

Today in Lesbianish TV: *The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Pretty Little Liars marathon of Season 1 and premiere of Season 2 (11 a.m.), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), Annie Leibowitz (Logo 2 p.m.), Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride (Showtime2 6:35 p.m.), White Collar (USA 9 p.m.), The Voice (NBC 9 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.), HawthoRNe (TNT 10 p.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

*Denotes a rerun

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