Afternoon Delight: Tracy Morgan apologizes and GLAAD responds, Florence Welch dons Gucci


Happy birthday to Gina Gershon (aka Cristal Conners). The Showgirls star turns 49 today.  


Earlier today in our Morning Brew column, we told you about 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan‘s homophobic rant on stage in Nashville. Gay audience member Kevin Rogers wrote a scathing review of Morgan’s offensive performance and posted it online, and the mainstream press soon ran with the story. Morgan has since apologized, with his management sending this statement to GLAAD:

I want to apologize to my fans and the gay & lesbian community for my choice of words at my recent stand-up act in Nashville. I’m not a hateful person and don’t condone any kind of violence against others. While I am an equal opportunity jokester, and my friends know what is in my heart, even in a comedy club this clearly went too far and was not funny in any context.

GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios responded, “Jokes that make light of violence directed at gay and lesbian youth aren’t only offensive, they put our kids in harm’s way. Tracy Morgan must not only apologize, but assure us that this won’t happen again and send a clear message to Americans that anti-gay violence is no joke.” Also, GLAAD has offered to arrange a meeting between Morgan and family members who have lost children to anti-gay violence in order to “help him understand exactly why his rant touched so deep a nerve.”

Black, Gifted and Gay author and activist Leyla Farah told, “The recent slew of negative outbursts from prominent African-American men just reinforces how much work we still have to do in our own community. My hope is that we can turn these unfortunate incidents to something positive — before someone who is struggling with their own sexuality, and who looks up to an entertainer like Tracy Morgan, takes his words personally.”

We’ll keep you updated as the Morgan story develops. 

As Florence + the Machine tours this summer, their lanky redheaded frontwoman Florence Welch will be donning custom made designs by Gucci. If you live in Manchester, Tennessee check out Welch’s wardrobe live tonight at Bonnaroo.

Congratulations to Dewberries Boutique founder (and comedian Sandra Valls’ main squeeze ) Jacquelyn Kennedy. Kennedy was selected by Walgreen’s as the 2011 featured designer. Walgreens will carry an exclusive Dewberries Pride Cooler Bag designed by Kennedy in honor of Pride Month. To find out which Walgreens carry the bag you’ll need to email: [email protected]

Speaking of Walgreens, lesbian comedian Jennie McNulty is the unofficial spokesperson for “Walk with Walgreens.” Each week, McNulty will walk while interviewing comedians and friends while discussing the importance of exercise.

Attention WNBA fans! The San Antonio Silver Stars will host the WNBA All-Star game for the first time in franchise history, and ABC will nationally broadcast the game on Saturday, July 23, at 3:30 p.m. ET (2:30 p.m. CT). Starting tomorrow (June 11) at 8 pm ET, you can vote for the players who you want to see make the team! The 60 players included on the ballot represent all 12 WNBA teams, and voters are asked to select two guards, two forwards, and one center from each conference. A write-in option is also available, allowing fans to choose players not listed on the ballot.

Fans can cast  their  votes on, and through mobile phones by texting the player’s last  name  to 6-9-6-2-2 or by visiting on any wireless carrier. All balloting will conclude at midnight ET on July 10.

The first episode of McManusLand is available for free over at!

Last night FOX’s So You Think you can Dance? revealed their top 20 finalists and closed the episode with a Black Swan-esque dance number.  But first, the top ten female dancers took the stage and performed a Geisha themed routine by choreographer Sonya Tayeh.


Last year Lindsay Lohan released a demo of her song “Stuck.” Well, “Stuck” is back, but this time check out the fully-mastered track.

If you live in Los Angeles you should be out and about celebrating gay pride this weekend. Tonight is the Purple Party-Celebrating Women from 5 pm to midnight and don’t forget the annual Dyke March and Rally starting at 7:30 pm at the intersection of Santa Monica and San Vicente Blvd.

Lesbian/Bi events this weekend:

There’s so much going on this weekend! If you live in Texas, check out the Julie Goldman Birthday Comedy Spectactular.

Also, Chely Wright will play the Henry Maier Festival Park (Miller Lite Main Stage) in Milwaukee, WI this Sunday (June 12) and Brandi Carlile will be in Pittsburgh, PA tonight, then in Columbus, OH and Cincinnati, OH on Saturday and Sunday. Finally, Lily Tomlin will perform for the Human Rights Campaign tomorrow at the Ritz Carlton New Orleans in Louisiana. For ticket info, call 504 524-1331.

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