Morning Brew – Thursday, June 9: A new sneak peek at “Pretty Little Liars,” Emma comes out on “Hand aufs Herz”


Morning, Brewbies! Are you looking for a guffaw to get your morning started? Might I suggest Hannah Hart‘s My Drunk Kitchen? If you’re not following me on Twitter, you’ve probably missed the way I’ve been proposing to Hannah since she launched her web series a couple of months ago. So now I’m taking it international — Hannah, marry me! I’m an awesome cook! (That’s a lie, but I am am an awesome drunk.)

Seriously, watch all of Hannah’s episodes. She’s a big ol’ homo and she’s taking over the world.

Speaking of GLOBAL DOMINATION, Pretty Little Liars‘ official Twitter released an exclusive two-minute clip from next week’s season premiere. Shay Mitchell said season two is “insane,” and I can confirm to you that she’s telling the truth. I can’t wait until next Tuesday.

(P.S. Dana Gonzales has been posting some stunning behind-the-scenes photos from Pretty Little Liars on her blog. They’re the most gorgeous photos of the girls I’ve ever seen. Check them out.)

Want a little spoiler from next week’s Hand aufs Herz? Emma is going to come out in spectacular fashion, snogging Jenny in front of the whole school.

You had to know Jenny would wear her giraffe jeggings for the occasion. (God, I love these two!)

Coronation Street has released a promo for the arrival of the Price family. The betting is starting up: Will it be Amber who splits up Sophie and Sian, or will it be this whore character Eva Price? Nearly everyone I’ve spoken to thinks it’s going to be this blonde bitch gal.

Immigration lawyer Lavi Soloway has teamed up with a group of LGBT activists to launch a project called Stop the Deportations. It aims to show one of the cruelest impacts of the Defense of Marriage Act. You can check out a video of Cristina and Monica below, and find out how you can help at Queerty.

That’s all for me this morning. See you back here tomorrow!

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