Styled Out: Bag it up, bag it in


Hey, guess what? Just because the femme variety of gay is likely carrying a purse, she’s just as hot as you and doesn’t want to be schlepping your stuff around all summer. I present to you a variety of vessels that won’t cramp your style.

So, before you say anything, don’t question the fanny pack. I feel like this is something that the ironic (or even not-so) butch could pull of without a hitch. American Apparel has plenty of colors for you to choose from (of course).

Ben Sherman is pretty much the definition of a modern classic, so why wouldn’t you want one of his messenger bags to complete your ensemble and to hold your business — real close and tight like. I found this one on sale. Hurry!

No one can argue that a plain old Nike backpack is never on the “out” list. To own one is surprisingly affordable and they’re super durable, so basically you should be asking yourself “why not?” when you’re hemming and hawing about it.

A good weekend bag is surprisingly hard to find but essential for long weekends during the summer months. It sucks trying to cram all of your stuff in a too small bag but a couple of day’s worth of clothes isn’t worth a whole large piece of luggage. I like this one by Ralph Lauren and this one by LeSport Sac.

Just for kicks, if I have any of my readers out there are, like, mega ballers, feel free to buy me this as a wedding gift.

How do you want it?

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