Your Weekly Women to Listen to: The Breeders, Narsha, Lido Pimienta and more


Happy hump day everybody! Today is a very special day for me — my littlest sister is graduating from junior high and my little brother is graduating from high school! Let’s hope I’ve got enough in my liquor cabinet to get me through all of the family time I’m about to have for the next week!

The Breeders

File Under: ‘90s twin alterna-rockstars and lifelong badasses

From: Dayton, Ohio

For Fans Of: The Murmers, Elastica, The Donnas, The Pixies (Kim Deal’s other band), a more rock-heavy Luscious Jackson, dressing for comfort but usually in a band T-shirt, coloring outside of the lines.

Bonus: Kim and Kelley Deal have each been through ups and downs both personally and professionally but have always come out on top. There have even been several songs written about Kim Deal, all basically talking about how awesome she is. As a nod to Kelley, a song from her solo project, The Kelley Deal 6000, made it on to the first mixtape my girlfriend made for me — the first time we dated.

CeCe Peniston

File Under: R&B club diva and blast from my past

From: Phoenix, Arizona

For Fans Of: Martha Washington, Robin S., Mary J. Blige’s “Real Love,” the Fresh Prince/Blossom hour (if you’re as old as me, you’ll remember!), polka dots, go-go dancers.

Bonus: Since it’s Pride Month here in the States, she is a perfect addition (and really a necessity) to any mixtape you plan on using for a party of epic gay proportions.

Lido Pimienta

File Under: Indie rock, soft Latin pop

From: Columbia

For Fans Of: Feist, Julieta Venegas, Anna Ternheim, going to museums on a date, Ethiopian food, Esperanza Spalding, mojitos, Juana Molina.

Bonus: Here’s a download of her song, “Buena Persona.” She seems to still be a little bit under the radar but I think in the next year or two she’ll be a name to remember.

Jane Bang

File Under: Booty shaking spinner and speak-singing rhyme spitter

From: LA

For Fans Of: K. Flay, Team Gina, Cazwell, bright colors, accessories, retro sneakers, getting cray on the dancefloor,

Bonus: This hot chick is out and proud and her new video for her single, “Crunk It,” just came out and is fresh to death! Thanks to AE reader Frankie for putting her on my radar and on my gaydar!


File Under: This one’s for my K-Pop lovers

From: Korea

For Fans Of: B.E.G. (of which she is a member), Miss A, Nine Muses, G. Na, Sanrio toys, Jessica Simpson’s dance songs, bubble tea, reality competition shows (like America’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance).

Bonus: Well, not everyone will see this as a bonus, but apparently her video for “BBI-RI-BOP-A” got some religious panties in a bunch. Anything that gives religious nuts a spiritual wedgie is great in my book.

And now I’m off to the night of graduations! Enjoy the rest of your week my friends and please, pray for my sanity. Oh, and please let me know of any vlog ideas you might have for me. It can be a one-time vlog or something that would happen multiple times. Or, just tell me you hate my face and you want me to go back to living in lesbian obscurity. Kthanksbyeee.

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