Styled Out: Summer essentials


It’s June, people, and I was getting my window shopping on this weekend. Hard. I am lusting after way too many things at the moment, but I’m holding off on a total shopping spree until later this summer when, 1: everything I am freaking out over is on sale and 2: I have a reasonable excuse to drop a bunch bills on seasonal garb since I will be setting sail on my honeymoon in early September. The rest of you, however, are free to do whatever you like with the following information.

How many times have you been caught without anywhere to put your sopping wet suit post beach? That’s what I thought. I know how keen some of you were on my most recent swimsuit post (hardy har har) but this might pique your interest. Throw it in your beach bag and you’ll be, like, the most conventional queer at the outing.

Looking classically chic is always in style, and for that I am a fan of linen. Sure, it wrinkles, but it’s supposed to wrinkle and it’s comfortable and gender fluid. A straw hat (we also just talked about their radness) and a good pair of linen pants will get you through many an even this summer, this I promise. Check Banana Republic for some viable options.

I’m all about staples this week, and a good beach bag is one to have. I mean, you don’t want to trash a bag that you love dearly that’s not usually intended for the purpose of hauling sand filled towels and beers, do you? Besides, they do make them for a purpose. They’re extra wide with straps that are easy to wrangle. I stumbled upon this super affordable bag at American Eagle Outfitters over the weekend. I think it fits the bill.

These flip flops from Rainbow Sandals rock my socks off! Seriously, though, don’t wear socks with sandals — it’s weird.

I’ve grown a strong affinity for earrings and large hoops like these really strike a chord within me. Everyone should purchase something from Etsy this week, anyway, what with that whole Urban Outfitters Scandal.

What are you hot for this summer?

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