Afternoon Delight: Rachel Maddow called a “dude,” a “Glee” blooper video


Happy Friday!  And a very happy birthday to 5-year old Shiloh Jolie-Pitt! No she has not declared her sexuality, but she has an awesome androgynous wardrobe.  I wonder if she can dress me. P.S. That brat has a SAG card and I don’t!

Glee has only been off the air for a few days but if you’re jonesing to see the cast’s faces again, then check out their blooper reel.

In an interview with the UK’s Daily Star, Lady Gaga gave some love to Adele: “I’m so excited for Adele. She’s doing so well all over the world and it’s wonderful to see the world embrace her. She’s beaten some of my chart records but I’m happy for her. I love seeing women succeed and she’s so talented.”  Do you find Gaga’s comment to be a little condescending or am I just being overly sensitive?

GOProud chairman Chris Barron tweeted on Wednesday that his husband Shawn Gardner thinks MSBNC’s Rachel Maddow looks like a “dude.”

Several of Barron’s followers joined in and poked fun at Maddow, commenting, “LOL, Now that’s Funny!!!” and “Her first name should be Pat!”

Interestingly, a male tweeter named Pete stood up for Maddow and put Barron in his place.


Do you find Barron’s tweet and his husband’s comment about Maddow to be offensive?

If you desperately miss Oprah (Seriously? It’s only been a few days!) then you can email her directly at [email protected] Yes, Oprah posted her personal email address on her Facebook page and stated, “This is going to be my personal e-mail account for all of you. When you get something in your in box from me it will be from me directly. And I’ll be reading as many of your e-mails as I can as I move to my next life on OWN. I want you to know that what you have to say matters to me.” I think we should all write Oprah three times a day and just ask, “Whatcha doing?”

My favorite out female drummer is Melissa York from The Butchies. My second favorite out female drummer is Patty Schemel from the band Hole. Schemel’s documentary Hit So Hard: The Life & Near Death story of Patty Schemel has been working its way around the film festival circuit and is scheduled to screen at Outfest on July 14 at the Ford Theater in Los Angeles. Check out the film’s trailer below.


A few months ago I stumbled upon out artist Freckles and her sexy song and music video for “Uh Huh.” Freckles is at it again with her latest tune “Pretty Girls.”


If you enjoy Freckles as much as I do then head over to her website to download “Uh Huh” for free, and you can also download “Pretty Girls” for just  $.99.

To make sure we all have the best and gayest summer ever I’ll be writing a new feature for AE: “Guide to a Super Gay Summer.” The column will feature national and international events staring must see queer performers from all over the world. The three-part series will be posted the first week of the summer months (June, July and August) and will highlight all the events of that month. If you know of any queer/queer friendly bands, singers, comics, dancers, drag troupes, spoken word performances, film screenings or anything else you’d think your fellow ladies would love to see, then please send me the information and the date of their big event and I’ll feature them in the column. So if there is a superstar touring through your neck of the woods or if you have discovered an up-and-coming talent and think other queer ladies would like to know about her, send me an email at: [email protected]

Lesbian/Bi Photo of the Day:

Bisexual model Amber Rose rocks the cover of Vibe Magazine’s “The Sexy Issue.”

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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