Afternoon Delight: Tila Tequila is back, a new Lady Gaga doc premieres on MTV


Happy birthday to The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak who turns 33 today. (Remember when Zolciak fessed up about her short-lived lesbian fling with DJ Tracy Young? I would not want to be a fly on the wall in that bedroom.)

Tila Tequila (who now goes by “Miss Tila”) is taking another stab at her music career. On July 26, Miss Tila will release her new single “You Can Dance.”

In a press release, Miss Tila’s reps stated, “Tila has stepped out of her comfort zone with this new song showing a wide variety of her vocal abilities, and a catchy dance anthem that is going to shock the world with her new sound that’s sure to be a summer hit! Aside from its catchy, dance, upbeat hook that will have everyone around the world from Ibiza to NY on their feet dancing ’til the sun rises, ‘You Can Dance’ has an extremely fun and positive message.”

If you want to keep tabs on Miss Tila check out her new website If you don’t want to keep tabs on her, well, I can’t really blame you.

Attention San Diego dwellers! Chelsea Lately’s Fortune Feimster will be performing tonight for FlawLes Media at Eden San Diego 1220 University Avenue. The event runs from 6 pm-10 pm and discount tickets are still available.

MTV is looking for “vibrant and uncensored kids (appearing to be 14-21) who have been raised by gay parents” for an upcoming show. The casting notice states, “Are you proud of what your parents have taught you and want a platform to share their lessons of diversity and acceptance? Or is it harder for you to blend in and reveal that you have two parents of the same sex? Have any of your parents unexpectedly ‘come out,’ causing you to adapt to a whole new household?” If you can relate and you’re interested in participating, send photographs, videos, and a brief description of each family member to [email protected].

Former Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar is gearing up for her new CW show Ringer. As we’ve previously reported, Michelle Gellar plays identical twins, one of whom witnesses a murder. Two Michelle Gellars are better than one:


In an interview with EW, Michelle Gellar raved about her amazing Buffy fans, “I have the greatest fans in the world, and I loved my show. I think sometimes, too, you need that time to understand that that it was a cultural phenomenon, a legacy. I want to honor those people who were so good to me and show them something worthy of their time and worthy of them. I think it was worth the wait.”  Check out the clip below and see if you agree.


Will you watch Ringer?

Today while browsing one of my favorite websites,, I came across this video. Not only is it super random, it’s also super gay. Enjoy!

Tonight The Hunger Games’s Jennifer Lawrence stops by the Late Show with David Letterman. Lady Gaga will be seated next to Letterman on Monday, May 23 and she also stops by The View on Monday morning.

Speaking of Gaga news, she just topped the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, which ranks entertainment industry power ( earnings, media visibility and social media popularity). Gaga fans should also note that Lady Gaga: Inside The Outside, a new hour-long documentary, will premiere on MTV on May 26 at 9 pm ET/PT.

In the documentary, she talks about how Bruce Springsteen helped her get her first piano, as well as her own personal history with bullying (which includes being thrown into a garbage can). Watch the preview clip below:


Lesbian/ Bi Photo of the Day:

Jane Velez-Mitchell and friends at the Farm Sanctuary’s star-studded 25th Anniversary Gala.