Morning Brew – Friday, May 13: New “True Blood” trailer, good news for fans of “The Voice”


Welcome to Friday, you! It’s a big day! For starters, today is your last chance to vote in the Hot 100. So hop on over and do that! Secondly, today, Kristen Wiig’s Bridesmaids finally hits theaters, and everyone at AfterEllen HQ is super-stoked about that. It’s holding strong at a 91 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating right now, and if it does as well at the box office this weekend, it could be a giant leap forward for female-fronted comedies.

Salon published an interesting piece yesterday about why women have a social responsibility to see Wiig’s new film.

Yes we can … buy tickets to a Kristen Wiig movie in an effort to persuade Hollywood that multidimensional women exist, spend money and deserve to be represented on film.

I’m not trying to shame you into paying to see it or anything. (Yes, I am.)

Yahoo! released a new True Blood season four trailer yesterday, and it features some brand new footage.

And you know what else got released yesterday? The first character images for the Starz launch of Torchwood, including one for my girlfriend Eve Myles (who plays Gwen Cooper). How bizarre (and awesome) is it to see an equal number of female and male leads in the Torchwood cast? (Now, don’t eff it up, America!)

What’s that? You want me to make this Morning Brew even geekier? OK.

Are you a fan of The Voice? Well, NBC has some good news for you: Starting on June 7, they’re expanding to two-hour jumbo-sized episodes. They’ll be airing from 9 – 11, following America’s Got Talent.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is partnering with ITVS to launch a project called “Women and Girls Lead,” in which they will air 50 documentaries about women and girls in leadership positions all over the world. They are calling it ““a major public media initiative that uses independent films to focus, educate, and connect audiences in support of women and girl’s leadership and development around the world.”

Check out the trailer for the project:


I’m a big-time fan of Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy, a webseries in which she offers therapy to clients over a webcam. After Kudrow pulled down two Webbys this week, Showtime announced plans to pick up the series. It will begin airing episodes on July 19. If you’ve never seen Web Therapy, I’d suggest starting with Jane Lynch’s appearance.


You can watch two full seasons of the show on YouTube!

That’s all for today. Have a great weekend. I’ll see you Monday! 

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