Morning Brew – Wednesday, May 11: Vicci Martinez wins her first “Voice” battle round, Kathy Bates plays Gertrude Stein


Hi friends! This is going to be my last Morning Brew for a week, as I will be in Iowa with my partner, Julie, as she makes an honest woman out of me. That’s right — we’re getting hitched this weekend and so I’ll have to give all my knowledge of lesbian happenings around the world to Heather Hogan to pass on to you — and to Julie’s whole family, who I am sure will be very impressed with me telling them things like what Cynthia Nixon has been working on lately.

I will miss you all and I promise not to change and be all clingy and scoldy once I return as a married woman.

Onto the fun stuff!

On last night’s episode of The Voice, out contestant Vicci Martinez wowed all of the coaches with her rendition of Pink‘s “Perfect,” which she duetted on with fellow contestant Nikki. Check it out.

Since it was a battle, someone had to win — and it was Vicci! Which means she will be one of the final four performers that her coach, Cee-lo, will develop to become a star.

Sia also made her Voice debut last night, helping Christina Aguilera coach her first duet team of Frenchie and Tarralyn. Here’s a clip of the two singers coaching Frenchie.

Lastly, I am sad gay Tyler went home. I mean, every other judge said they would have chosen him over Patrick but Blake Shelton was his coach, so…

A new plaque has been put up in Dusty Springfield‘s honor outside the West London building she called home from 1968 to 1972. The building lost the original one (put up in 2001) during renovations, so the Music Heritage Foundation replaced it and held a ceremony on May 8 in the bisexual singer’s honor.

I don’t know if you’re a Woody Allen fan, but I am, and have been way before that ScarlettPenelope dark room scene in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. So when I found out Kathy Bates makes an appearance in his new film, Midnight in Paris, as Gertrude Stein, well, I about shrieked with happiness until my girlfriend said, “Oh I thought something really exciting happened.” Boo on her. Anyway, the famous lesbian writer shows up, alongside other famous literary figures, when Gil (Owen Wilson) takes late night walks around Paris. IndieWire explains:

Gil gets to meet the great expatriates of Paris in the 20s, from Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald to Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso. Gertrude Stein even reads his book — and likes it!

Allen told IndieWire he is not sure the American public will be as psyched as I am, though.

I can’t see people across America saying, “Hey, did you see Gertrude Stein?”

Never underestimate lesbians, Woody! The rest of the movie is set in modern day, but it totally screws up Gil’s world — and his marriage to Rachel McAdams. You want to see it yet? It just premiered at Cannes to good reviews. Here’s the trailer.

Jillian Michaels says she’s adopting her baby from the Congo, and that it could take anywhere from two months to two years. She told Us Weekly:

They call you and they say, “Oh, we have your referral,” which is essentially the child they match you up with, and you go overseas and you get him or her.

Did you hear that? The Congo has Jillian Michaels’ phone number. Ask them if you can have it!

The Presbyterian Church will finally allow LGBT ministers — at least that’s what will probably come from the decision to remove a celibacy requirement for unmarried clergy made in Minneapolis this week.

Carrie Browstein shared her favorite tour outfit with Rolling Stone. Here’s what she wrote about stage get-ups:

There is a phenomenon on tour wherein you decide you’re going to adopt what is commonly known as a “tour look.” Basically, you’re in a strange city, you walk into a store and you purchase an item of clothing you would never wear in your hometown. Examples of tour looks include but are not limited to: a faux fur vest, sunglasses in the shape of anything other than sunglasses, cowboy boots. Thinking that a bolo tie or chaps look good can be the result of over-confidence coupled with a hangover and too much cash in your wallet. Also, homesickness and a complete loss of perspective. The saddest part about your temporary-loss-of-insanity look is that it ends up in every single photo. In fact, your nascent style is so hyper-documented that it becomes the way both your bandmates and your fans remember the tour. “Oh, that was the eye patch tour” someone will casually say. Or, “Their Land’s End duck shoe tour was my fave!” Advice to fans: Kindly ask the band member wearing a cape to step out of the photo. Lastly, a note to myself: Throw out the fedora.

What Carrie really wears on stage

She’s so funny. That’s why we’re in love.

GFs/musical collaborators Thao & Mirah were interviewed by Interview (always fun to write) and Mirah was asked why she sings such sexual songs. (I am going to steal this question and ask it to every musician I talk to, even if they don’t write what I think are sexual songs.) Mirah said:

Sex is fun to sing about. It’s a fun thing to do—to work into your work. I don’t feel like I have a lot of reference to sexual innuendo on the songs on this record. I think there are some sexy sounds and feelings on the record. I remember when I first started recording and releasing music, getting a lot of feedback like, “Wow! She sounds like she’s twelve, but she’s singing about oral sex.” I was like, “What! I sound like I’m twelve?” I just write about what comes up. Sometimes you’re thinking about Palestine, and sometimes you’re thinking about sex. People have a lot going on.

Also, sex sells. Ask Enrique Iglesias!

Today in Lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Amazing Race‘s Kisha on Regis & Kelly, Jillian Michaels on The Today Show, The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), Iron Chef America (Food Network 7 p.m.), Lady Gaga on American Idol (Fox 8 p.m.), Rosie O’Donnell on Ruby (Style 8 p.m.) and The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m., midnight, 4 a.m.) (Thanks Roni!)