Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Roisin Murphy, Toshi Reagon, Irma and more


Company of Thieves

File Under: Indie rock ‘n roll

From: Chicago

For Fans of: Rilo Kiley, Spoon, Loquat, Letters to Cleo, Nico Vega, messenger bags, leggings.

Bonus: I got my hands on an advanced copy of their upcoming album (almost all of which was written by frontwoman Genevieve Schatz) and it is absolutely fantastic.


File Under: Acoustic neo-soul

From: Camaroon

For Fans of: Bridget Lyons, Daphne Willis, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, India Arie, coffee shops, sitting on the stoop, baguettes.

Bonus: First of all, big props to Mathilde for the awesome recommendation! Secondly, Irma is one of the artists who can thank YouTube for a lot of her success.


File Under: Melodic goth metal

From: The Netherlands

For Fans of: Kittie, Tristania, Flowing Tears, I even think fans of Lords of Acid will like this, feeling lots of feelings and letting the world know what those feelings are — most likely on a LiveJournal blog, online gaming.

Bonus: I think this is pretty cool: The band was formed by two sisters, Margriet and Karin, who look like they might be twins.


File Under: Power metal from an all-female band

From: Japan

For Fans of: insane guitar, insane drums, Stratovarius, HammerFall, Comic Con, enchanted forests, Betsey Johnson dresses.

Bonus: I seriously cannot get over these girls, check out this video from a live performance and marvel at the guitars and drums. Mind = blown.

Toshi Reagon

File Under: Soul, blues, folk, funk — basically a genre-defying tour de force

From: Washington, D.C.

For Fans of: Doria Roberts, Ferron, Bonnie Raitt, walking around the campuses of all-girl universities, Amnesty International, The Belle Stars “Iko Iko.”

Bonus: Toshi isn’t just a member of a musical family; she’s also a member of our queer family.

Roisin Murphy

File Under: Pop electronica, dance disco

From: Ireland

For Fans of: Scissor Sisters, Hercules & Love Affair, Annie, looking sexy on the dance floor (mostly shoulder moves and puckering your lips), Queer as Folk, Andy Warhol as a pop culture icon as opposed to artist.

Bonus: It’s getting to be pride season (in a few months) here in the states and Roisin is rumored to be working on a new album that will hopefully come out just in time to be played all of the pride floats. Seriously, her songs were made for men with amazing legs to be dancing around in tiny speedos and girls wearing bra tops with jean shorts and cowboy hats spraying you with water guns as they stroll by.

That’s it for this week my friends, see you back here next week when I’m (hopefully) a pound lighter and (definitely) a year older.

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