Morning Brew – Mon. April 18: Tina Fey’s new baby will “probably be a lesbian,” Australia’s “Biggest Loser” has a gay lady


Good morning!

An Evening With Women happened in LA over the weekend, and here are the celesbians that were in attendance.

Linda Perry

Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer

We’ll have some fun stuff from the event for you this week.

Atlanta lesbian radio personality Melissa Carter is leaving The Bert Show and they’ve given her a proper farewell this week with some of her best moments and heartfelt stories and memory-sharing on their site. Keep up with Melissa at her website,

I read Tina Fey‘s Bossypants this weekend and here is a brief summary of what you will read in it: Tina had lesbian best friends named Sharon and Karen, Tina and Amy Poehler demanded respect in the writer’s room at SNL and other hilarious anecdotes about her life (such as her love of Red Lobster’s cheesy biscuits). She recently went on The Late Show and was talking about her new pregnancy. She hypothesizes about what the baby’s gender will be and she gets very specific: “It will probably turn out to be a lesbian paleontologist.”

After reading her book, I know that Tina will be very, very happy if that’s the case.

Jezebel has a fun piece on the idiocy of the Women’s Royal Airforce and how they they tried to keep the lesbian count down to about none. It’s called “Tips from the Royal Air Force on How to Spot a Lesbian” and here are some things to look out for: Women who like hockey or cricket, women who enjoy writing letters to one another, and women who get cold and like to share body heat with other women. (OK, that last one is a little gay.)

There’s a lesbian on the Australian season of Biggest Loser. Her name is Sarah Moon and she’s lost 45kg on the show so far.

Her profile says she hopes to have her partner, Kim, “to be able to wrap her arms around her fully.” That was part of the inspiration for her joining the show, along with her cousins, and this week, she was surprised by her girlfriend during a makeover challenge when she walked down the catwalk.

(Thanks to Brooke for the tip!)

Speaking of lesbians on reality TV, Sandy Digiovanni was kicked off of America’s Next Great Restaurant last Sunday. It came right after she had to fire her lesbian chef, too, so it was just a bad deal all around. Hopefully now she’ll get that lesbian cooking/travel/talk show she told us she’s looking for. Until then, you can read her exit interview on

k.d. lang talked with NPR about her new album and longtime career.

It’s a little bit country, but it’s also a little bit rock. I feel like, at 50, I’ve decided to become a rock star — which is typical me. I always seem to work backward.

I have to say, she’s looking pretty good at 50.

Yikes — Deadline is saying that it looks as if House and Bones will not be renewed for new seasons. That means bye bye bisexuals, Thirteen and Angela.

Today in Lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), House Hunters (HGTV 2 p.m.), Police Women of Memphis (OWN 2 p.m.), lesbian Muslim writer and activist Irshad Manji on Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO 8 p.m.), TV Land Awards (TV Land 8 p.m.), House (Fox 8 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m., midnight, 4 a.m.), Stargate: Universe (Syfy 9 p.m.), Jessie J on Jimmy Kimmel. (Thanks Roni.)

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