Afternoon Delight: Hayley Williams on the cover of “Cosmopolitan,” Lady Gaga on the piano for “Harper’s Bazaar”


Yesterday I mentioned that Lindsay Lohan was contemplating playing Victoria Gotti in the upcoming mafia film about Gambino family boss John Gotti starring John Travolta as the late Don.

In an interview with UsMagazine, Travolta said he would love to work with the talented Lohan, “I know whatever she would like to do would be great. I know first hand, Lindsay happens to be a very big fan of mine from years ago when she was a little girl and liked [Grease‘s] Danny Zuko and [Welcome Back Kotter‘s] Vinny Barborino, so I always thought she was gorgeous and talented and filled with a lot of depth!”

Wait, so Travolta wants to work with Lohan because she’s a fan? I wonder if putting “fan of John Travolta” on my acting resume will help me get better roles. Or any roles.

Paramore’s Hayley Williams graces the cover of May’s Cosmopolitan Magazine and discusses her band’s new album Brand New Eyes and being bullied. Williams said, “This clique would tease me and make up rumors about me being gay. I don’t even know why they did it. I came home crying one day and told my mom I couldn’t be around them anymore. So we decided I would be home-schooled.”  Although Williams is not gay (personally I wish she were), it’s very upsetting to be reminded that the word “gay” is still being used as an insult. I was teased for being gay in high school but I actually was gay so it didn’t bother me. Were you ever teased for being gay?

Imagine Me & You actress Piper Perabo is currently shooting the sci-fi action flick Looper alongside Emily Blunt, Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The film’s plot is about, “A killer who works for the mob of the future recognizes one of his targets as his future self.” In my mind, Perabo is a bartender in the future bar called Coyote Lovely.

Speaking of Imagine Me & You actresses, Lena Headey (who’s currently starring in Game of Thrones) will be returning to the big scene with her own action sci-fi film called Dredd. Dredd also takes place in the future, where the future police have the authority to act as judge, jury and executioner. That sounds scary, unless Headey’s holding the handcuffs and nightstick. Wait, she has a fair amount of upper body strength so it’s still scary.

Lady Gaga is doing her best Jem and the Holograms impression on the cover Harper’s Bazaar May issue. During her interview, Gaga talked about the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen and credits him for her hit song “Born This Way.” She said, “I think he planned the whole thing: Right after he died, I wrote ‘Born This Way.’ I think he’s up in heaven with fashion strings in his hands, marionetting away, planning this whole thing.”

Born This Way,” was released on the one-year anniversary of McQueen’s death. Gaga said, “When I heard that, I knew he planned the whole damn thing. I didn’t even write the f–king song. He did!”

I don’t really like “Born This Way,” so does that mean I should ask McQueen for my money back?

During the superstar’s photo shoot, she climbed on top of a silver piano while wearing nothing but underwear, tights and heels (are you surprised?) and stated that she is here to stay, “You can quote me on this: People love you when they think you won’t be around for very long, and people hate you when they can’t get rid of you. But I’m not going anywhere.” I take that as a threat.

Photo by Terry Richardson

The new book Black, Gifted and Gay by Leyla Farah with Sarah Toce is finally available on The book profiles the lives and accomplishments of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender African American icons, including Angela Davis, Tracy Chapman, Alice Walker, Sheryl Swoopes, Wanda Sykes, Linda Villarosa and many more.

This week Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes tweeted that she’s busy shooting the finale of my favorite television show.

If Rhimes needs any extras for Calzona’s big wedding scene, I’ll happily join the Grey’s cast and bust out my Electric Slide moves.

If you’re in New Jersey and you love to laugh check out comedian Erin Foley who is performing at Passaic County Community College on April 17 at 8pm.

A new episode of my mockumentary series McManusLand is up now on Episode 3, “Secret Agent,” is about my hunt for a talent agent that turns deadly.

Lesbian/Bi Video of the Day:

Lesbian comedian and Chelsea Lately writer Fortune Feimster joined host Chelsea Handler on the stage to discuss her love of penises. Feimster was just joking, but she did seem to enjoy that salami.

See you tomorrow!

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